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Houston Man Sentenced to Life for Killing 3 in Crime Spree, US

Houston man sentenced to life for killing 3 in crime spree. Convicted sex offender Jose Gilberto Rodriguez removed his ankle monitor to evade detection.

Man Charged with Murder and Child Abuse | Wife Killed, Children Severely Injured

Houston man charged with murder and child abuse after killing his wife and injuring their children. Tragic case highlights the urgent need for domestic violence awareness.

Big 12 Realignment: Scheduling Challenges Loom as BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF Join

The Big 12 conference is set to undergo significant...

Houston Man Arrested for $15 Million Property Forgery Scandal

Houston man arrested in $15M property forgery scandal, shedding light on the vulnerability of property owners and the need for enhanced security measures.


Mother Fatally Shot in Car as 3-Year-Old Son Witnesses: Suspect in Custody

A Houston mother tragically shot and killed while her 3-year-old son witnessed the horrifying incident. Suspect in custody, facing murder charges. Read more.

Houston Social Media Influencer ‘The Sassy Trucker’ Returns Home After Dubai Legal Dispute, United Arab Emirates

Social media influencer Tierra Young Allen, aka The Sassy Trucker, recounts her challenging ordeal in Dubai, highlighting the complexities of legal disputes abroad. Find out how she overcame a threatening situation and the lessons learned. #DubaiDispute #InfluencerLife

Woman Sentenced to 30 Years for Luring Man to Be Killed by Gang Members Over Rap Battle Disrespect, US

Learn about the shocking case of a Houston woman sentenced to 30 years for orchestrating a murder in a rap battle dispute. Discover the details and the consequences of this heinous crime.

Massive Mulch Fire Engulfs Northwest Houston, Urgent Avoidance Advised

Houston, Texas battles major mulch fire as firefighters work to contain flames in the northwest. Urgent avoidance advisories issued. Stay safe and cooperate with authorities. #HoustonFire