World News

Massive Sierra Nevada Snowstorm Shuts Down I-80 in California – 10 Feet of Snow Expected – Urgent Travel Advisory, US

Massive Sierra Nevada snowstorm shuts down I-80 in California with 10 feet of snow expected. Urgent travel advisory in effect for residents and visitors.

Florida Governor Expects Revised Social Media Bill Soon – Protecting Children’s Rights, US

Gov. DeSantis expects a revised social media bill soon to protect children's rights. Stay informed on the evolving legislation landscape in Florida!

US Plans Risky Airdrop of Aid into Gaza amid Conflict

US plans risky airdrop of aid into Gaza amid conflict to help those in need. Challenges and considerations abound as military planners prioritize safety.

UK Abolishes Renewal Requirement for Sponsor Licenses, Easing Hiring Process

UK abolishes renewal requirement for sponsor licenses, making hiring easier for businesses. Streamlined process with automatic 10-year extensions starting next month.

Vatican Unveils Holy Lance: Tribute to St. Longinus, Soldier of Faith

Discover the Vatican's tribute to St. Longinus with the unveiling of the Holy Lance - a symbol of faith and sacrifice. Join in the Lenten season reflection.