George Mason University develops AI chatbot for antidepressant recommendations for Black and African Americans with depression, US

George Mason University pioneers AI chatbot for antidepressant recommendations tailored to Black/African Americans with depression. Exciting innovation in mental health care.

Plateau State Governor Focuses on Transforming Healthcare for Economic Growth, Nigeria

Plateau State Governor is transforming healthcare to drive economic growth, focusing on improving facilities and services for a healthier population.

Perth Mum Launches Fundraiser for ADHD Sensory Playground, Australia

Perth mum launches fundraiser for ADHD sensory playground, aiming to provide a safe and welcoming space for children with ADHD.

Tripura Faces Public Health Crisis as 47 Students Die from HIV, India

Tripura in crisis: 47 student deaths from HIV. Alarming rise in cases linked to drug abuse among students. Urgent action needed.

Trump Raises Concerns Over Alarming Rise in Chronic Diseases and Health Issues, US

Trump raises concerns over alarming rise in chronic diseases, calling for investigation into Big Pharma's role in health issues.