Dozens of Drones Destroyed in Bryansk Border Skirmish, Ukraine

Ukraine launches drones targeting Russia's Bryansk region, with dozens destroyed. No reported damage. Escalating tensions continue. #Ukraine #Russia

Google One VPN Shutdown Causes Website Loading Issues

Users of Google One VPN are reporting website loading issues after the shutdown, impacting Pixel users. Amazon and Prime Video are affected while Google and Wikipedia remain unaffected. Learn more about the connectivity problems and solutions in this article.

Clearview AI Settles Privacy Lawsuit for Over $50 Million, US

Clearview AI settles a privacy lawsuit for over $50 million, addressing facial recognition concerns in Illinois. Critics question the true impact.

Global Smart Office Solutions Market to Grow by USD 3.96 Billion by 2028 – Technavio Study

Global smart office solutions market set to grow by $3.96 billion by 2028, driven by AI integration and startup boom. Key players include ABB, Cisco, and Honeywell.

New Phone Link Features Connect Smartphone to PC on Windows 11 Beta Channel

Explore the new Phone Link features connecting smartphones to PCs on Windows 11 Beta Channel. Enhance your digital experience with seamless connectivity and accessibility.