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Wildfires Ravage Texas Panhandle, Cause Devastation in Fritch, US

Devastating wildfires ravage the Texas Panhandle, causing destruction in Fritch and threatening nearby towns. Governor issues disaster declaration.

Utah Corrections Overcomes Staffing Crisis to Enhance Prison Safety, US

Utah Corrections overcomes staffing crisis to enhance prison safety. Join us in exploring the efforts to recruit and retain staff for a safer future.

Arizona’s $1 Billion Annual Spending on Homelessness Sparks Housing Crisis Debate, US

Arizona's $1 billion spending on homelessness sparks debate over housing crisis solutions as lawmakers push for affordable housing options to combat the rising population.

DA Seeks Gag Order on Trump Amid Threat Surge, US

Manhattan DA seeks gag order on Trump due to threat surge amid hush money case. Trial set for March 25th. Trump's lawyers oppose request.

Drivers on Delaware River Bridges to be Monitored by License Plate Readers, US

Drivers on Delaware River bridges will now be monitored by license plate readers, raising concerns about privacy and police surveillance.