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US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fall Behind Biden’s Target Despite 2023 Decline

US greenhouse gas emissions fall short of Biden's target despite 2023 decline. More action needed to meet ambitious goals.

UK’s Fossil Fuel Power Plummets 22% in 2023 to Lowest Level Since 1957, Boosted by Renewable Expansion

UK's fossil fuel power plummets 22% in 2023, reaching lowest level since 1957, as renewables surge. A major milestone in the country's transition to a low-carbon future.

Connecticut Takes Bold Step Towards Clean Energy Future with Offshore Wind, US

Connecticut takes a bold step towards a clean energy future with offshore wind. Embrace renewable energy, combat climate change, and create jobs for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Global Consensus Reached at COP28: Historic Agreement Signals End of Oil Age

Global Consensus at COP28 signals the end of the Oil Age. Historic agreement reached to transition away from fossil fuels and combat climate change. A pivotal moment for a sustainable future.


Victoria to Ban Natural Gas Connections in New Homes from Next Year to Cut Emissions and Lower Energy Bills

Victoria plans to ban natural gas connections in new homes to cut emissions and lower energy bills. A significant step towards a greener future. #ClimateAction

UN Secretary-General Urges Abolition of Fossil Fuels to Prevent Climate Catastrophe

UN Chief calls for urgent action to phase out fossil fuels and limit global temperature rises to prevent a climate catastrophe. Read about the proposed transition plans for a green energy future.

The EU’s Plan to Tap Into North Africa’s Jungle Sacrifice Zones for Energy Solution

The EU aims to relocate energy production to North Africa to diversify supply chains for clean energy tech and meet its climate goals. However, this move could potentially harm the region and lead to desert ecosystem destruction.

British PM Defends Climate Record, Claims Best Carbon Emission Reductions – Reuters, United Kingdom (UK)

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defends UK's climate record, emphasizing rapid decarbonization compared to other major economies. Critics question government's commitment.