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Siddharth Mehta is a dedicated author at The Reportify who covers the intricate world of politics. With a deep interest in current affairs and political dynamics, Siddharth provides insightful analysis, updates, and perspectives in the Politics category. He can be reached at for any inquiries or further information.

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Moroccan Parliament Halts Session Amidst Student Crisis Uproar, Morocco

Moroccan Parliament suspends session amidst uproar over student crisis at medical faculties in Rabat. Government's lack of response sparks heated debate.

Indian PM Modi’s Moscow Visit: Balancing East and West Relations

Indian PM Modi's Moscow Visit: Balancing East and West Relations amidst global tensions, focusing on strengthening ties with Russia while maintaining partnerships with the West.

France Faces Uncertainty as Left-Wing Coalition Emerges Victorious in Parliamentary Elections

Left-wing coalition wins French parliamentary elections, leaving President Macron's future uncertain. What lies ahead for France?

New UK PM Keir Starmer Axes Rwanda Deportation Plan, Focuses on Growth

New UK PM Keir Starmer axes Rwanda deportation plan and focuses on growth. A fresh start for the UK under his leadership.

Heavy Rains Trigger Landslides in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, India

Recent heavy rains trigger landslides in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, causing road closures and disruptions. Stay informed about the ongoing situation.


Multiple fatalities as school building collapses in Jos, Nigeria

Multiple fatalities reported as school building collapses in Jos, Nigeria. Trapped pupils cry for help as rescue efforts continue.

Western University Pauses Alice Munro Chair Amid Abuse Allegations, Canada

Western University pauses Alice Munro Chair amid abuse allegations, reevaluating legacy after reports of protecting abuser. #AliceMunro #abuse

Federal Workers Wrap Up Disaster Relief in Leominster – Application Deadline Approaching, US

Get the latest update on FEMA's disaster relief efforts in Leominster as workers wrap up assistance, with an application deadline fast approaching. Apply now for aid!

Extreme Heat Amplifies Medication Risks: Stay Safe in Hot Weather, US

Protect yourself from extreme heat amplifying medication risks. Stay safe in hot weather by understanding your medications and their storage requirements.