Late Artist Denise Paquette’s Exhibition Supports Wildlife Organization Le Nichoir


Updated: 7:15 AM, Fri November 10, 2023

Late Artist Denise Paquette’s Exhibition Supports Wildlife Organization Le Nichoir

The late artist Denise Paquette, a committed community volunteer, seasoned musician, and dedicated teacher, continues to support the mission of Le Nichoir even after her passing. As one of the co-founders of the organization in 1996, Paquette’s legacy lives on through her artwork.

A posthumous exhibition was held on November 3 at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre to honor Paquette’s memory. Close friends and members of the community gathered to view the works of this remarkable lady who had been a member of the Hudson Artists Club for over thirty years.

To pay tribute to Paquette’s love for Le Nichoir, a selection of twenty paintings from her private collection is being exhibited in the lobby of the community gathering place throughout November. All of the artwork is available for purchase, with proceeds going directly to support the organization.

Those who knew Paquette well can confirm her unwavering passion for birds. She not only had an aviary at her home to accommodate various bird species, but she even owned peacocks at one point. Recognizing her deep affinity for birds, Paquette played a pivotal role in the establishment of Le Nichoir when she moved to Saint-Lazare, which was part of Hudson territory at the time. Alongside three other individuals, she helped found the organization, which initially operated out of a donated barn. Over the years, Le Nichoir has grown into a prominent wildlife organization, caring for and rehabilitating injured wild birds before releasing them back into their natural habitat. The organization now requires $400,000 annually to support its operations, which include offering a helpline, consultation services, and educational workshops in local schools. Le Nichoir currently employs a team of four full-time staff, two part-time staff, and relies on the dedication of a team of 115 volunteers.

Supporters of Le Nichoir have the opportunity to contribute to the organization by purchasing one of Denise Paquette’s exhibited artworks. Prices range from $70 for small formats to $425 for larger formats. During the opening of the exhibition, one of the canvases was already sold, demonstrating the interest and support for both Paquette’s artistic talent and Le Nichoir’s mission.

In addition to her love for birds, Paquette also had a deep passion for music. She was a music teacher who taught guitar, flute, and piano to many students in Saint-Lazare. Following her retirement, Paquette began expressing her artistic talents in 1993 and went on to exhibit widely in various locations such as Rigaud, Saint-Lazare, Laval, Lac Masson, and Montreal’s Marché Bonsecours. Her art gallery, named Galerie aux plumes de paon (Peacock Feather Gallery), showcased not only her artwork but also her admiration for music and animals. One notable piece of Paquette’s work is a life-size sculpture of a person playing the flute, located on the Quebec-Ontario border in Rivière-Beaudette. Over the years, Paquette’s artistic style evolved, with watercolor and acrylic being her preferred mediums. She took numerous classes with Pierrette Labonté, which played a significant role in her artistic development.

To view Denise Paquette’s exhibition, interested individuals can visit the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre in Hudson during opening hours. Alternatively, appointments can be booked by contacting Michelle Lanteigne at [email protected] For more information about Denise Paquette’s work, the Talents d’ici platform at can be visited, while details about Le Nichoir can be found on their official website,

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