Federal Reserve Pushes First Rate Cut to June 2020, Chair Powell Urges Caution, US


Updated: 7:19 AM, Fri November 10, 2023

Federal Reserve Signals Possible Rate Cut Delayed to June 2020

Traders expecting the Federal Reserve to make its first interest-rate cut have extended their bets to June 2020, following comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell. Powell expressed caution and stated that he was not convinced rates were sufficiently restrictive. The futures contracts had initially projected a rate cut in May, but uncertainty regarding the timing has led to a shift in expectations.

Speaking at an International Monetary Fund event, Powell emphasized that the battle against inflation was far from over. He noted that Fed officials lacked confidence in the current interest rates being high enough to tackle the issue effectively. Powell’s comments suggest that there is still a long way to go in restoring price stability.

Many experts share Powell’s sentiments. Financial analyst John Nicholson, in an interview with Reuters’ Lisa Bernhard, expressed his belief that rate cuts in 2024 were now off the table. According to Nicholson, the market’s response echoed this cautious sentiment, especially evident in the weaker-than-expected 30-year bond auction during the session.

The Federal Reserve’s decision to potentially delay an interest-rate cut reflects the central bank’s efforts to carefully assess economic indicators before making any major policy adjustments. While some traders may be disappointed by the pushed-back timeline, this cautious approach aligns with Powell’s commitment to maintaining stability and addressing inflationary concerns.

It remains to be seen how market conditions and economic data will unfold in the coming months. Traders and analysts will continue to closely monitor indicators that may influence the Federal Reserve’s stance on interest rates. The shift in expectations for the timing of the first rate cut to June 2020 reflects the prudent approach adopted by the central bank, as it navigates the challenges of maintaining price stability and sustained economic growth.

In conclusion, the Federal Reserve’s resolve to exercise caution when considering an interest-rate cut has led to a revised timeline. Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s remarks highlight the central bank’s commitment to ensuring that current rates are adequate to address inflationary pressures. As traders realign their predictions, the focus now turns to economic indicators and market conditions that will shape the Fed’s decision-making process in the months ahead.

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