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ABC News Meteorologist Rob Marciano Fired After On-Set Outburst, US

ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano fired after on-set outburst, following a series of incidents and complaints leading to his termination.

Toronto Marketer Fired for Being Too Quiet in Performance Reviews

Toronto marketer fired for being too quiet in performance reviews. Should an employee's work ethic and achievements be overshadowed by their lack of vocalization? The debate continues.

OpenAI CEO Fired, Joins Microsoft to Lead New AI Division

Former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman joins Microsoft, leading a new AI division, after unexpected firing. The fallout for OpenAI and the future of AI industry.

NYU Cancer Center Director Sues Over Firing, Alleging Discrimination

Former NYU Cancer Center Director files lawsuit alleging discrimination based on pro-Israel social media posts. Controversy and debate ensue.


Lawrence Bishnoi sent to judicial custody over alleged extortion in Delhi case

Lawrence Bishnoi, arrested in an extortion case, was remanded to judicial custody by Delhi's Saket Court after three-day police custody. Delhi police is seeking more information on accused Nandu and Bishnoi's direction to Balaji from jail.

Below Deck Down Under Scandal: Cast Members Fired for Disturbing Incident, Australia

Disturbing scandal on Below Deck Down Under as two cast members are fired for predatory and criminal behavior. Find out the shocking details here.

FedEx Driver Chased and Shot at by White Men Fired After Declining Non-Courier Job Offer: CNN

FedEx driver allegedly fired after rejecting job offer. Black driver faced attack and racism while on duty. Legal proceedings underway. Racial justice and employee rights at stake.

Northwestern Football Names 2023 Interim Coach Following Pat Fitzgerald’s Departure

Northwestern Football Reportedly Appoints David Braun as Interim Head Coach After Pat Fitzgerald's Firing - Latest news on Northwestern's interim head coach and the university's commitment to addressing hazing allegations within the football program.