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Democracies Under Threat: The Thousand Cuts That Could Change America Forever

Naomi Wolf warns of the slow erosion of democracy and individual freedoms in America and the West. She urges society to confront these challenges to secure a just and free future.

Supreme Court: Trump’s Bid to Overturn Colorado Ruling and Run in 2024 Gains Attention, US

Former President Trump files petition at Supreme Court to overturn Colorado's ruling barring him from 2024 ballot. Legal experts weigh in on potential outcome.

Colorado Supreme Court’s Decision to Ban Trump from 2024 Primary Ballot Petitioned to U.S. Supreme Court, US

The Colorado Supreme Court's decision to ban Trump from the 2024 primary ballot is petitioned to the US Supreme Court, highlighting three major errors. This case is seen as a significant attack on the fundamental right to vote and could impact the upcoming primary elections.

71-Year-Old Exonerated After 48 Years, Setting New Record in U.S. Prisons, US

71-year-old Glynn Simmons, who spent 48 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit, has been ruled innocent by an Oklahoma judge. Simmons' case highlights the need for justice system reforms and the importance of evidence disclosure.


Texas Supreme Court Hears Constitutional Challenge to Law Prohibiting Roofing Contractors as Public Adjusters

The Texas Supreme Court is reviewing a challenge to a law prohibiting roofing contractors from serving as public adjusters. Stonewater Roofing argues that it violates their constitutional rights, while insurers claim it protects the public. The court's decision will have major implications for the roofing industry and property insurance claims in Texas.

School District Employee Fired After Striking Student on Bus: Investigation Underway, US

Conroe ISD employee fired for striking student on bus: Investigation underway. Learn about the consequences and district's response. Stay updated with KPRC 2.

University of Chakwal Suspends Law Department Head Amidst Drug Supply Allegations, Pakistan

University of Chakwal suspends law department head over drug supply allegations - swift action taken to investigate. Read more.

Detained Juvenile Misused APUAPA, Resulting in Detainment by ICR DA

A minor girl was detained for 16 days following the ICR capital bandh, without being presented before the Juvenile Justice Board as required by law. The misuse of power has been criticized.