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Bill Gates: AI Revolution to Drive Energy Transition, UK

Bill Gates believes AI will lead the energy transition, despite emissions concerns. Find out how AI can drive green benefits and change the game.

Deadly Heat Wave Grips India; Students Faint, Residents Struggle in Sweltering Temperatures

Deadly heat wave grips India, as students faint and residents struggle in sweltering temperatures. Urgent action needed to address climate change impact.

World Food Prize 2024 Winners Honored for Global Seed Vault Initiative in Des Moines, US

World Food Prize 2024 winners honored for global seed vault initiative in Des Moines, safeguarding crop diversity to address hunger worldwide.

Australia Boosts Future Drought Fund with $344M to Combat Climate Change Impacts

Australia boosts Future Drought Fund by $344M to combat climate change impacts, enhancing resilience in farming communities.


Scientists Explore Pristine Great Lakes on Beaver Island, MI for Environmental Research

Scientists flock to pristine Beaver Island, MI in the Great Lakes for vital environmental research on water quality, wetlands, microplastic pollution, and more.

US Ambassador Garcetti commits to prioritize green energy partnerships with India

US Ambassador to India vows to collaborate with the country in developing sustainable green energy solutions. Together, they aim to confront the climate crisis for global peace and prosperity. #CleanAir #ClimateChange #USIndiaRelations

Motueka Initiative: Transforming the Town into a Desirable Place for Residents

Motueka becomes embroiled in controversy over cycleway funding, conspiracy theories, and 15-minute cities. Find out how the community aims to find a balanced solution.

Soaring Australian Home Insurance Premiums Strain Households amid Climate Crisis

Soaring Australian home insurance premiums due to climate crisis strain households - find out why and how it impacts communities.