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Mother Fatally Shot in Car as 3-Year-Old Son Witnesses: Suspect in Custody

A Houston mother tragically shot and killed while her 3-year-old son witnessed the horrifying incident. Suspect in custody, facing murder charges. Read more.

Car Struck by Construction Flag in Hinckley Police Incident, US

Recent incidents in Hinckley, Ohio: car struck by construction flag, traffic crash on Stony Hill Road, and theft at Ironwood Golf Course. Investigations underway for a safer community.

Gunmen Arrested in Sri Lanka After Car Used in Assassination Found

Gunmen arrested in Sri Lanka after car used in assassination found. In-depth investigation ongoing to apprehend the culprits. Updates awaited.

Sinkhole Swallows Car in Gold Coast Suburb, Cause Unknown, Australia

Car swallowed by sinkhole in Gold Coast suburb, cause unknown. Authorities investigating. Stay safe and follow local law enforcement guidelines. #Sinkhole


Husband files complaint against Assam BJP leader’s murder suspect, IGP Upadhyay

Assam BJP leader Junali Nath's death has taken a new turn as her husband claims the police's report is doubtful. Junali's family demands an apology and a thorough investigation into her death. #AssamPolitics #JusticeForJunali

Husband of Slain Assam BJP Leader Accuses CID IG of False Claims about Relationship with Accused

CID Inspector General faces backlash for claiming accused was in a relationship with the slain BJP leader, leading to demands for an apology and detailed inquiry into the killing in Assam, India.

Thief steals Rs. 1.10 lakh from car in Saraswathipuram residential area

Thieves stole Rs. 1.10 lakh from a car parked in front of a construction firm. Police suggest car owners be cautious about leaving valuables in their vehicles. This incident serves as a reminder to take necessary precautions.

Man Fatally Shot in Car in Delhi’s Najafgarh Due to Personal Rivalry, Police Suspect

Tragic incident in Delhi's Najafgarh as a man was shot dead due to personal enmity. Police are investigating the case and seeking justice for the victim. More details awaited.