Serra Football Bounces Back with Dominant Win Led by Rhaney’s 217 Yards and 2 TDs


Updated: 12:32 PM, Sat September 16, 2023

Serra Football Rebounds with Dominant Win Featuring Rhaney’s Incredible Performance

GARDENA – Serra football made an impressive comeback with a commanding victory led by running back Cincere Rhaney. Rhaney’s exceptional performance, which included 217 rushing yards and two touchdowns, propelled the Cavaliers to a 26-13 win over Oaks Christian in a nonleague matchup.

After last week’s disappointing 28-14 loss to Long Beach Poly, which was cut short due to an incident among fans outside the stadium, Serra (3-2) bounced back in emphatic fashion. The team showcased its resilience and determination, regaining its focus and returning to business as usual.

Rhaney played a crucial role in Serra’s triumph, asserting his dominance on the field by consistently turning small openings into significant gains. Despite facing a tough defense from Oaks Christian, Rhaney’s exceptional vision and agility allowed him to thrive and evade defenders, continuously contributing to his team’s success.

Serra’s head coach, Scott Altenberg, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, particularly emphasizing the outstanding performance of their offensive line, which created vital running lanes for Rhaney. Altenberg had planned for a run-heavy strategy, which proved to be effective in overpowering Oaks Christian’s defensive line.

Rhaney, reflecting on his remarkable display, credited his success to finding his rhythm and entering a zone where he felt unstoppable. He acknowledged the importance of reaching that level of focus and mentioned that once he finds his rhythm, it becomes challenging to contain his explosiveness.

Despite trailing 26-6 early in the fourth quarter, Oaks Christian (2-2) attempted a late resurgence. With third-string quarterback Devin Tate leading the charge, they managed a 28-yard touchdown pass to receiver Chase Farrell. However, Serra’s sturdy defense prevented any further threats from Oaks Christian, sealing the victory with a strong stand.

Oaks Christian played without their starting quarterback Nate Bennett, which hampered their offensive rhythm. Serra’s defense capitalized on this opportunity, amassing four sacks throughout the game, limiting Oaks Christian’s scoring opportunities and consistently asserting their dominance.

Serra faced a setback in the first half due to the absence of their top receiver, Zacharyus Williams, who was nursing an injury. The team experienced a couple of dropped passes, including a missed opportunity for a wide-open 35-yard touchdown pass. However, Coach Altenberg expressed confidence in his young players and mentioned that these experiences were instrumental in their development as they adjust to the high school football stage.

Serra swiftly took the lead with a potent tempo offense, with Rhaney making an explosive 43-yard run on the first play of the game. He ultimately capped off the drive with a 3-yard touchdown run, setting the tone for the rest of the matchup. Oaks Christian’s kicker, Noah Laberge, responded with a field goal to trim the deficit, but Serra quickly extended their lead with a 10-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Jimmy Butler to CJ McBean.

Entering halftime with a 13-6 advantage, Serra’s defense displayed their prowess by accumulating three sacks. This stellar defensive performance limited Oaks Christian’s offensive opportunities and maintained Serra’s seven-point lead.

The second half saw Serra continue their dominance, with Rhaney immediately making an impact in the third quarter. Following a turnover on downs forced by their defense, he embarked on a stunning 32-yard touchdown run, extending Serra’s lead to 20-6. Serra backup running back Camron Harris-Willcot further contributed to the team’s success with a 4-yard touchdown run, firmly securing their advantage.

Rhaney attributed the team’s second-half success to the outstanding performance of the offensive line, stressing that their ability to control the line of scrimmage allowed him to capitalize on the running lanes created for him.

Serra’s dominant win serves as a strong statement of intent, highlighting their resilience and ability to bounce back from adversity. The team’s focus and determination, coupled with Rhaney’s exceptional performance, paved the way for an outstanding victory. As they anticipate the return of their top receiver, Zacharyus Williams, Serra looks poised to continue their winning momentum in the coming weeks.

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