Wellborn Panthers Dominate Beulah with Explosive Offense, Scoring 60 Points


Updated: 12:32 PM, Sat September 16, 2023

Wellborn Panthers Showcase Explosive Offense, Scorches Beulah with 60 Points

In a stunning display of offensive firepower, the Wellborn Panthers reignited their winning ways by decimating the Beulah Bobcats in a dominant performance that culminated in a remarkable 60-34 victory. After a lackluster showing in Week 1, where they mustered only seven points in a loss to Ohatchee, the Panthers unleashed their frustration on the Bobcats, amassing a staggering 455 total yards and eight touchdowns.

Head coach Jeff Smith attributed his team’s resurgence to the perfectly timed bye week. During this period, they were able to address their weaknesses, resulting in a dramatic improvement in their performance on the field. Reflecting on their progress, Smith expressed confidence in their current trajectory, stating, We were able to clean things up, and I think we’re headed in the right direction.

Leading the offensive charge was Carlos CJ Hubbard, who proved to be an unstoppable force, making his presence felt early and often in the end zone. Coach Smith expressed his pride in Hubbard’s growth and the significant impact it has had on the team’s success. Despite receiving just eight touches in the game, Hubbard tallied an impressive 109 total yards and two rushing touchdowns. Additionally, he made significant contributions on defense with four tackles and an interception, as well as setting up touchdown drives with explosive kick returns.

Hubbard’s triumph was complemented by a stellar performance from Jabari Williams, who played a pivotal role in Wellborn’s victory. Williams led the offense with 14 carries, surpassing the 200-yard mark and adding a 72-yard touchdown in the second quarter. It was the big plays generated by both Hubbard and Williams that ultimately ensured victory for the Panthers, as they pulled away from a 14-14 tie in the first quarter.

Coach Smith also had high praise for Noah Screws, who has steadily acclimated himself to running the Panthers’ offense after replacing long-time starter Grayson Johnson. Friday’s game showcased Screws’ best all-around performance thus far, as he orchestrated three touchdowns, one of which he scored himself on the ground. Screws relied heavily on his tight end Brennan Talley, with the duo connecting for two touchdowns, one spanning 31 yards and the other an impressive 51-yard reception.

Notable highlights from past matchups between Wellborn and Beulah include Wellborn’s consistent scoring prowess, with the Panthers amassing a minimum of 60 points in their last two encounters. In their most recent clash in 2022, Wellborn notched an incredible 62 points. Additionally, the Beulah Bobcats showcased their resilience, concluding the game with an impressive 307 yards gained through rushing. Unfortunately, Beulah quarterback Demarion Foreman exited the game in the fourth quarter, potentially dampening their spirit.

Looking ahead, the Wellborn Panthers, currently standing at 1-2 in the 3A Region 4, will continue their regional campaign with a matchup against Dadeville next week. Meanwhile, the Beulah Bobcats, holding a 2-2 record in the same region, will enjoy a bye week before facing Prattville Christian.

In summary, the Wellborn Panthers emphatically announced their return to form with a dominant offensive display against the Beulah Bobcats. Led by the remarkable performances of Carlos CJ Hubbard, Jabari Williams, and Noah Screws, the Panthers powered their way to a convincing 60-34 victory. Coach Smith’s strategic use of the bye week paid dividends, allowing the team to regroup and set their sights on future success. As Wellborn looks to maintain their winning momentum, their upcoming showdown with Dadeville promises to be another exciting chapter in their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

What was the final score of the game between the Wellborn Panthers and Beulah Bobcats?

The final score of the game was 60-34 in favor of the Wellborn Panthers.

How did the Wellborn Panthers improve from their previous game?

The Wellborn Panthers addressed their weaknesses during the bye week and showed significant improvement in their performance on the field.

Who was the standout player for the Wellborn Panthers?

Carlos CJ Hubbard was the standout player for the Wellborn Panthers, making a significant impact on both offense and defense.

How did Carlos CJ Hubbard contribute to the team's victory?

Carlos CJ Hubbard had an impressive performance with 109 total yards, two rushing touchdowns, four tackles, an interception, and explosive kick returns that set up touchdown drives.

Which player led the offense for the Wellborn Panthers?

Jabari Williams led the offense for the Wellborn Panthers with over 200 rushing yards and a 72-yard touchdown.

How did the Wellborn Panthers' quarterback, Noah Screws, perform in the game?

Noah Screws played a pivotal role in the Panthers' victory, orchestrating three touchdowns, one for himself on the ground, and connecting with tight end Brennan Talley for two touchdowns.

What have been the notable highlights from past matchups between Wellborn and Beulah?

Notable highlights include Wellborn consistently scoring over 60 points in their last two encounters, and Beulah showcasing resilience with impressive rushing yards gained.

What is the upcoming game for the Wellborn Panthers and Beulah Bobcats?

The Wellborn Panthers will face Dadeville in their upcoming regional matchup, while the Beulah Bobcats will have a bye week before taking on Prattville Christian.

What can we expect from the Wellborn Panthers in their upcoming game?

The Wellborn Panthers will aim to maintain their winning momentum and continue their journey of success against Dadeville in their upcoming matchup.

Please note that the FAQs provided on this page are based on the news article published. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is always recommended to consult relevant authorities or professionals before making any decisions or taking action based on the FAQs or the news article.

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