Power of Forgiveness Explored: A Poem Reflects on Internal Coldness


Updated: 11:39 AM, Fri November 10, 2023

The Power of Forgiveness Explored: Reflections on Overcoming Internal Coldness

In a heartfelt poem titled The Cold Within by James Kinney, the power of forgiveness is beautifully explored. This moving piece tells a story of six individuals trapped together in an unforgiving cold. Each of them holds a stick of wood, desperately needed to keep their dying fire ablaze. However, it is the barriers within their hearts that prove to be more chilling than the bitter cold surrounding them.

The first man, upon observing a black face among the group, hesitates to contribute his log. Across from him, the second man, unable to overcome religious differences, chooses not to share his birch. The third man, wearing tattered clothes, refuses to give his coat to warm the idle rich. Meanwhile, the wealthy man selfishly contemplates how to safeguard his riches from the less fortunate. And finally, the black man, fueled by a desire for revenge, sees his stick of wood as an opportunity to spite the white man.

As the fire slowly fades and death grips their hands, it becomes evident that it is not the external cold that claims their lives, but the deep-seated coldness within their souls. Each person’s refusal to forgive and extend kindness ultimately leads to their downfall.

This profound poem was the favorite of the late Rubin, a dear friend. Rubin had shared this moving piece during recital events at Colgate and Binghamton Universities. He had even contributed a chapter to a book on the Power of Forgiveness, at the request of a professor from Binghamton University.

Reflecting on old times, the recollection of Rubin’s passion for this poem resurfaces. It serves as a reminder of the importance of forgiveness and its transformative power. The poem reveals the destructive nature of holding onto grudges and the beauty of embracing forgiveness.

The Power of Forgiveness is an inherently human quality that has the ability to heal wounds, bridge divides, and restore relationships. It is a catalyst for personal growth and can bring about positive change both within ourselves and in the world around us.

As we commemorate Rubin’s love for this poem and his belief in the Power of Forgiveness, let us all reflect on the impact we can make by embracing forgiveness in our own lives. May we learn from the lessons conveyed in The Cold Within and strive to let go of the coldness within us, welcoming warmth, understanding, and forgiveness into our hearts.

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