Messer, LLC Fined $1.9M for Water Pollution Violations in West Virginia


Updated: 2:32 AM, Fri September 22, 2023

Messer, LLC Fined $1.9M for Water Pollution Violations in West Virginia

Messer, LLC, a prominent manufacturer based in Hancock County, West Virginia, has been hit with a substantial fine of $1.9 million for its blatant disregard for environmental regulations. The penalties have been imposed due to numerous violations of both the Clean Water Act permit and the West Virginia Water Pollution Control Act. The violations predominantly stem from Messer’s industrial gas manufacturing facility in New Cumberland, West Virginia.

Documents from the court reveal that Messer has consistently exceeded the permitted limits when it comes to discharging pollutants into the Ohio River. Since February 2016, the company has been found guilty on at least 186 separate occasions of surpassing these limits. The specific pollutants in question include copper, aluminum, iron, residual chlorine, and phenolics.

As part of the punishment, Messer, LLC is obliged to take immediate action to prevent any future violations. This includes constructing a new treatment system at its New Cumberland facility and implementing a response plan in case of any subsequent breaches. To ensure compliance, mandatory internal inspections will be carried out, and quarterly reports will be provided to both federal and state agencies.

The United States District Court finalized a consent decree on September 11, 2023. However, it is important to note that Messer, LLC has not admitted any liability to the United States or the State of West Virginia regarding the alleged transactions or occurrences mentioned in the complaint.

This recent case of water pollution violations has raised concerns about the environmental impact of industrial operations in West Virginia. While fines and penalties serve as a deterrent, it is crucial for manufacturers like Messer, LLC to prioritize responsible practices to protect local ecosystems and water sources.

Authorities are hopeful that the stringent measures imposed on Messer, LLC will set an example for other industrial facilities operating in the area. Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations is critical not only for the preservation of natural resources but also for the well-being of the communities that depend on these resources for their livelihoods.

Moving forward, close monitoring and stringent enforcement of regulations will be essential to prevent further violations and safeguard the environment in West Virginia. It is imperative for all manufacturers to recognize their responsibilities and work towards sustainable practices that minimize their impact on the environment.

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