Maine Makes Strides in Housing Homeless Veterans Through Interagency Cooperation and Support


Updated: 12:52 PM, Mon November 20, 2023

In recent years, the state of Maine has made significant progress in addressing the issue of homelessness among veterans, thanks to interagency cooperation and support. One such success story is that of Ben DeMerchant, a former Marine sergeant who found himself struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness after his service.

Four years ago, DeMerchant hesitated outside a homeless shelter, uncertain about claiming a bed inside. However, he eventually sought help through the veterans court in Augusta and entered a treatment program. Due to a residency requirement, he was given a place at the Bread of Life Ministries homeless shelter on Hospital Street, which exclusively caters to veterans.

At that time, DeMerchant was one of 14 individuals seeking refuge at the shelter. Today, his life has transformed significantly. This Thanksgiving, he will be hosting 14 friends and family members at his new home in Waterville. DeMerchant expressed his joy, stating, It’s the greatest thing in the entire world.

Maine had been making progress in housing homeless veterans before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, leveraging federal and state resources. However, overall homelessness rates have increased since then, requiring the state to redouble its efforts. Despite this setback, Maine aims to end veteran homelessness by 2025 through a collaborative approach involving MaineHousing and various social service agencies.

In a recent initiative by Preble Street, a prominent social services agency, a housing surge was launched. Landlords were offered $1,000 incentives and a risk mitigation fund to encourage them to provide housing for veterans. Although the program was initially set to end on Veterans Day, it has been extended for an additional 100 days due to its success. Laura Clark, who leads Preble Street’s veteran housing program, shared that they have been able to house almost one veteran every day during the last 100 days, compared to one every two days previously.

One of the reasons behind Maine’s success in housing veterans is effective interagency communication and close case management. The VA Maine Healthcare System in Togus, near Augusta, plays a pivotal role in spearheading this effort. Laura Briggs, the director of operations at Bread of Life, emphasized the importance of coordination, unlike situations where various doctors may not be in contact with each other. Both the VA and Bread of Life provide liaisons to connect veterans with the resources they need.

For DeMerchant, the journey to stable housing involved not just finding a place to live but also acquiring essential life skills, budgeting, and addressing legal issues with the help of a case manager. The support system provided to him was crucial to his recovery, and he also credited his mother’s assistance. DeMerchant is grateful that he still maintains a friendship with a fellow Marine, although he has observed many of his former comrades battling addiction or sadly succumbing to it.

While Maine faces challenges in addressing veteran homelessness amid rising costs of living during the pandemic, the ongoing efforts and collaboration between agencies offer hope for a better future. With a continued focus on these initiatives, Maine aims to ensure that every veteran has a safe and stable place to call home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

What progress has Maine made in housing homeless veterans?

Maine has made significant strides in addressing homelessness among veterans through interagency cooperation and support. They have effectively leveraged federal and state resources to provide stable housing options for homeless veterans.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected veteran homelessness in Maine?

The pandemic caused an unfortunate increase in homelessness, including among veterans, in Maine. The state saw a resurgence in the number of homeless veterans due to the impact of the pandemic on living costs.

Has Maine seen a decline in veteran homelessness overall?

Yes, since 2010, veteran homelessness has seen a remarkable decline both nationally and in Maine. However, due to the pandemic, there has been a recent increase in homelessness among veterans in the state.

What efforts are being made to accelerate the housing of homeless veterans in Maine?

Preble Street, a social services agency based in Portland, launched a housing surge initiative in Maine. This program provides incentives to landlords and a risk mitigation fund to help house homeless veterans. It has been extended due to its success in connecting veterans with housing options.

How is interagency cooperation contributing to the success of housing homeless veterans in Maine?

Interagency communication and close case management have been prioritized in Maine's efforts to house homeless veterans. Organizations like the VA Maine Healthcare System and Bread of Life Ministries work together to connect veterans with comprehensive resources and support.

What role does a support system play in a veteran's recovery from homelessness?

A support system plays a crucial role in a veteran's recovery from homelessness. Having access to resources, case managers, and a strong support network can help veterans acquire necessary skills, secure housing, and overcome challenges associated with homelessness.

What challenges does Maine still face in housing homeless veterans?

While Maine has made commendable progress, challenges remain in housing homeless veterans. Continued interagency cooperation, support from organizations like Preble Street, and dedicated individuals are necessary to ensure that every veteran has access to stable housing.

How does Maine plan to address the challenges and provide every veteran with a stable home?

Maine is committed to overcoming the challenges of veteran homelessness through interagency cooperation, support from organizations like Preble Street, and the dedication of individuals like Laura Briggs, Director of Operations at Bread of Life Ministries. They remain steadfast in their mission to provide every veteran with a stable home.

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