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Security Heightened at GOP Convention After Trump Assassination Attempt in Milwaukee, US


Thousands of Republicans have arrived in Milwaukee as an assassination attempt on former president Donald Trump brings a heightened sense of security to the Republican National Convention this week.

Trump arrived in the city Sunday ahead of the four-day event that was expected to invigorate Republicans as they formally elect him as their 2024 presidential nominee.

Many people arriving at the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport wore bright red hats and shirts with bold text proclaiming well-known Trump slogans, but much of the conversation was about the bloodshed at the rally in Pennsylvania Saturday.

The shooting, which the former president says pierced his ear, killed one supporter and injured two others.

Mumbai Weather Alert: Heavy Rains Forecasted, Record Rainfall Recorded, India


Mumbai: With the active monsoon phase currently underway, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) through its five-day district forecast has placed the city on a yellow alert for Monday, indicating heavy rainfall, and an orange alert for Tuesday, indicating very heavy to heavy rains. This forecast also applies to Thane and Palghar districts. Previously, the city was under an orange alert for Monday.

As predicted by the orange alert on Saturday, Mumbai received plenty of downpours on Saturday and Sunday night with several areas receiving over 65mm of rain. As per IMD, between 8.30am Saturday and 5.30am Sunday, Dahisar recorded the highest quantum of rain at 171.5mm, followed by Ram Mandir (151.5 mm), Vikhroli (131.5mm), Santacruz (131.2mm), Sion (81.2mm), Colaba (77.4mm), Matunga (71.5mm), and Byculla (65.5 mm).

In 24 hours, the observatory in Santacruz recorded 141mm of rain, and Colaba recorded 92mm.

The temperatures remained slightly below normal, with the maximum at Santacruz at 30 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 1.4 degrees below normal at 24.4 degrees Celsius. Whereas Colaba was at 29.4 degrees Celsius and minimum at 24.8 degrees Celsius. Humidity was at 90% and 89% respectively.

Google in $23B Deal for Wiz Cyber Firm, AT&T Hack, Kuwait Oil Find | World Street


Google is reportedly in advanced negotiations to acquire cybersecurity firm Wiz for $23 billion, marking its largest acquisition. AT&T Inc. paid a hacker approximately $400,000 to delete stolen data. Goldman Sachs appealed the Federal Reserve’s stress test results. Kuwait Petroleum discovered 3.2 billion barrels of oil in Al-Nokhatha. OpenAI whistleblowers filed a complaint with the SEC over restrictive NDAs. Former President Donald Trump was shot at a rally, prompting wishes of support from Elon Musk. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon remains concerned about inflation despite recent indicators.

Luxurious Blairgowrie House with Pool, Cinema, and Lift on Sale for $3.4m, Australia


A luxurious Blairgowrie house featuring a pool, home cinema, and lift serves as both an entertainer’s paradise and idyllic coastal retreat. Constructed by Mornington Peninsula-based builders Neil Williams and Associates, the residence at 7 Foam Ave is on the market for $3.4m. Peninsula Sotheby’s International Realty director of sales Danielle Vains describes the property as designed with multi-generational living in mind, offering spacious accommodation, multiple entertaining spaces, and modern comforts. The house boasts a landscaped garden with a heated pool and spa, a cinema room, and off-street parking for five cars. With easy access to coastal tracks leading to Blairgowrie’s back beaches, the property is versatile for families or retirees seeking a peaceful retreat or spacious entertainment hub.

Severe Weather Strikes Joliet, Damaging Rock and Roll Museum, US


Severe storms damage buildings in downtown Joliet, leave thousands without power
CHICAGO — Severe weather swept through parts of Will County, causing significant damage in downtown Joliet. Power outages affected thousands, and buildings such as the Illinois Rock and Roll Museum and The Forge took a hit. The CEO of the museum expressed devastation over the situation but remained optimistic about rebuilding efforts. The storm brought strong wind gusts, thunder, and lightning, resulting in downed trees and debris cluttering the area. Witnesses shared their experiences of narrowly avoiding harm from flying debris, highlighting the force of the storm. The cleanup process is underway, but it remains uncertain how long it will take for businesses to fully recover from the incident.

Home Loan Eligibility Key Factors for Young Professionals in Metro City, India


Home loan eligibility depends primarily on the income and repayment track record of the borrowers or individuals opting for the loan. This implies that if Ashish and Aparna are planning to take a loan, both their incomes will be considered. The lender will examine their income documents, credit history, CIBIL score, other commitments and liabilities, age, etc.

Banks believe that the ability to repay a housing loan is based on one’s income and expenditure pattern. Since it is difficult for banks to estimate the monthly expenses of each borrower individually, they use a predetermined percentage of one’s ‘net’ income, known as fixed obligations to income ratio (FOIR). Most banks restrict FOIR to a maximum 45-50% of the monthly income. This implies that higher the income, higher the amount that can be spared for paying the home loan EMI. Also, if the tenure is longer, the EMI will be lower. Invariably, for the same income, the eligibility for a longer tenure home loan will be much higher.

Any outstanding loans will tend to reduce the couple’s loan eligibility. So, prepaying any existing loans in full or part will help. Typically, if one partner’s income is insufficient, the couple can opt for a joint loan, which helps increase their loan eligibility. However, home loan is a long-term commitment, typically 20-30 years. They need to be sure about the continuity of both their incomes to be able to jointly take up such a long-term EMI commitment. It is understandable that the couple is keen to buy a house of their own, but they must be sure that they do not over-commit in their enthusiasm and make hasty financial decisions. They must make an assessment of their finances before choosing a property.

Dollar Strengthens as Attack on Trump Fuels Market Uncertainty, US


U.S. bond futures slipped and the dollar firmed on Monday as investors speculated on the impact of an attack on U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. The incident injected new political uncertainty into markets, with traders closely monitoring the situation.

Investors have historically reacted to the possibility of a Trump win by pushing Treasury yields higher, amid concerns about potential economic policies leading to inflation and increased debt. Tariffs on imports and restrictions on migration are among the key policies that could impact consumer spending and labor market dynamics.

Online betting sites have adjusted their odds, with Republicans now seen as twice as likely to win the election compared to Democrats. The dollar edged up against the Japanese yen, but remained below recent highs. In the coming days, a host of economic data from China and the United States, as well as key earnings reports, will provide further insights into market trends.

As global markets navigate political developments, investors are closely monitoring central bank decisions and economic indicators for potential impacts on their portfolios. Gold prices held steady, while oil prices inched up following recent geopolitical developments. With a busy week ahead, analysts and investors are bracing for potential market fluctuations in response to evolving political and economic events.

King Charles III to Embark on Landmark Australia and Samoa Tour


King Charles III is preparing to visit Australia and Samoa in October, an itinerary that will span 12 time zones and test the monarch’s stamina as he recovers from cancer treatment.

The trip, announced on Sunday by Buckingham Palace, marks a watershed moment for the 75-year-old king, who has been slowly returning to public duties after taking a break following his cancer diagnosis in early February. The decision to undertake such a long journey will be seen as a sign of Charles’ recovery, even though the program in Australia will be limited.

The visit to Australia will be a critical moment for the king as he tries to shore up support for the monarchy at home and abroad. The trip will mark the first time since he ascended the throne that Charles will visit one of the 14 countries outside the United Kingdom where the British monarch remains head of state, a link that is a source of pride for some but an unwelcome reminder of Britain’s colonial dominance for others.

While he will undoubtedly be welcomed by fans waving the flag and singing God Save the King, Charles is also likely to hear anti-monarchy voices in a country where 45% of voters in a 1999 referendum supported creating an Australian republic. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s Labour Party supports ditching the monarchy, but the government says it isn’t a priority and there is no timeline for another referendum.

It’s clear that there’s a real re-evaluation going on there as to whether the Commonwealth, and certainly the realms, want to retain their connection to the British monarchy or not, Ed Owens, a historian and author of After Elizabeth: Can the Monarchy Save Itself?, told The Associated Press in an interview before the trip was announced. So, you know, there are troubled waters ahead.

The palace provided few details of the tour. Charles and Queen Camilla will visit the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales as well as making a more formal state visit to Samoa, where the king will appear at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, the palace said.

The capital territory is home to Canberra, Australia’s national capital. Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is in New South Wales.

Charles holds the symbolic title of head of the Commonwealth, a voluntary association of 56 independent nations, most of which have historic ties to Britain. The annual heads of government meeting will be held Oct. 21-25.

However, the trip will not include a stop in New Zealand.

The King’s doctors have advised that a further extension to Their Majesties’ trip should be avoided at this time, to prioritize His Majesty’s continued recovery, the palace said in a statement.

The trip comes at a time when the health problems of Charles and Kate, the Princess of Wales, have highlighted the challenges faced by a slimmed-down royal family as the king pledges to cut costs.

With fewer working royals available to carry out the endless round of ribbon cuttings, awards ceremonies, and state events that make up the life of a modern royal, the remaining family members have been forced to take on more events.

Charles’ cancer diagnosis occurred at the same time that the Princess of Wales — one of the most popular royals — underwent abdominal surgery and later announced she, too, had cancer. Prince William took time off to support his wife and their young family.

That left Queen Camilla, the king’s sister, Princess Anne, and his younger brother, Prince Edward, to shoulder the load. Princess Anne was briefly hospitalized last month after an accident thought to involve a horse left her with a concussion. (AP)

Lawmakers Condemn Gunman’s Attack on Trump in Pennsylvania, US


Some were glued to their televisions. Others learned of it as they sat halfway around the world. As the news broke that a gunman had shot at presidential candidate Donald Trump as he stumped in a west Pennsylvania field, a rising feeling of horror gave way to words of condemnation from the lawmakers representing Western Massachusetts.

The reactions, issued in the form of press releases and statements posted to social media, all shared a similar message.

Trump Rally Shooter Kills Hero Dad, Injures Two – Explosives Found – Butler, Pennsylvania, US


Explosive devices have been found inside a suspected gunman’s car and at his home after Donald Trump was shot and wounded at a campaign rally, according to reports.

Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, was shot dead after firing eight shots from the roof of a building near the rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, striking Trump’s right ear. A spectator was killed and two others were critically injured during the shooting.

Crooks was reportedly spotted acting suspiciously near metal detectors by local police officers prior to the shooting.

The officers alerted the Secret Service to Crooks’ presence and radioed for officers to monitor him, law enforcement sources told the network.

Bomb components were found in a vehicle that Crooks had parked near the rally and at his home in Bethel Park, according to the Associated Press.

A Trump rally spectator who was shot dead on Saturday has been named by family members as Corey Comperatore.

Comperatore, 50, was a hero who was killed while protecting his daughters from the hail of gunfire, his sister Dawn Comperatore Schafer wrote on Facebook.

Two other people were critically wounded during the shooting and are being treated at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.