Israel’s Ongoing Attacks in Gaza: Children Massacred, Hospitals Bombed, and International Outrage Grows


Updated: 2:39 AM, Mon November 06, 2023

Israel’s Ongoing Attacks in Gaza: International Outrage Grows as Children Massacred and Hospitals Bombed

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has escalated in recent weeks, with Israel’s ongoing attacks in Gaza causing widespread devastation and loss of innocent lives. The international community is expressing growing outrage at the mounting casualties, particularly among the most vulnerable: children. As the death toll continues to rise, concerns are being raised about Israel’s conduct and the lack of action from world powers.

The situation in Gaza is dire, with reports of children being massacred and hospitals being targeted by Israeli airstrikes. The term WCNSF, which stands for Wounded Child No Surviving Family, encapsulates the harrowing reality faced by the people of Gaza. Shockingly, nearly 5,000 children have already been killed in what is increasingly being referred to as a genocide perpetrated by Israel. This adds to the estimated 10,000 Palestinians who have lost their lives in this conflict.

The United Nations (UN) has highlighted the plight of the approximately 1.5 million internally displaced people in Gaza, many of whom have sought refuge in UNRWA facilities. However, even these supposed safe havens have not been spared by Israeli attacks. Schools, hospitals, ambulances, and refugee shelters have all been targeted, raising questions about the safety of those seeking sanctuary. In the past 24 hours alone, yet another water reservoir was bombed, exacerbating the dire humanitarian situation. Israel’s actions have not only resulted in food and water shortages but also destroyed vital infrastructure, leaving the people of Gaza without access to life-saving medical supplies and sanitation services. The UN and its agencies have warned of the public health risks associated with the destruction of water and sanitation facilities, including increased rates of respiratory infections, diarrhea, and chickenpox.

Despite the alarming reports coming out of Gaza, the international community, particularly the West, has largely turned a blind eye to the Israeli war crimes. Criticism has been directed at the United States and its unwavering support for Israel, as evidenced by US Secretary of State Blinken‘s recent visit to the region. While discussions revolved around humanitarian pauses, which are supposed to provide relief to Gazans, many question the effectiveness and long-term impact of short-term respites. What happens when the pause is lifted? Will the people of Gaza once again be subjected to Israeli bombardment until the next temporary reprieve? The world is becoming increasingly skeptical of the intentions and sincerity of the US in addressing this crisis.

Amidst the global indifference, there is a glimmer of hope. Pro-Palestine protests have erupted worldwide, including the largest protest in Washington DC over the weekend. Similar demonstrations have taken place in Europe and Asia, highlighting the solidarity of younger generations who are using platforms like TikTok to challenge Israel’s propaganda machinery. For now, Israel’s attempts to shape public opinion have not resonated with progressive-minded individuals worldwide. However, the sustainability of this momentum remains uncertain. Palestinian voices, amplified through powerful videos, tweets, and photographs of the innocent lives lost, are serving as a mirror to the terrorists haunting Gaza.

It is crucial to recognize that this is not merely a conflict between two entities; it is a war on Palestine by Israel, with the support of the US and the EU. The international community must take a decisive stand and condemn the violence being inflicted upon innocent civilians. Gradual steps towards a peaceful resolution are urgently needed to put an end to this humanitarian crisis and prevent further loss of life. The world cannot afford to turn a blind eye any longer.

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