32 Killed in Deadly Communal Fighting on South Sudan’s Border


Updated: 3:56 AM, Mon November 20, 2023

At least 32 individuals tragically lost their lives on Sunday during clashes along South Sudan’s border with the disputed Abyei Administrative Area. The violence erupted in the early hours of the morning when armed youth from Twic County, in neighboring Warrap state, attacked Ngok Dinka communities in the Wuncuei and Nyiel areas of the Abyei Administrative Area. The attackers, reportedly aided by suspected soldiers of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF), came from the Ajak-Kuach area. Eyewitnesses reported some of the attackers were seen wearing SSPDF uniforms. Shockingly, among the casualties are numerous women and children, with an additional 27 individuals wounded in the violence.

This latest round of hostility follows clashes last week in the Ayuok area, which claimed the lives of 34 people, including one SSPDF soldier. The two communities involved have long been embroiled in a dispute over the ownership of a strip of land in the Aneet border area, which acts as a dividing line between them.

The Abyei Administrative Area remains a highly contested region between South Sudan and its neighbor Sudan, which has been plagued by conflict since April 15. Resolving this ongoing dispute remains a challenge, as both sides seek to assert their claims.

The loss of life and ongoing violence in the region highlights the urgent need for diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions and promote a peaceful resolution. International actors must redouble their efforts to engage with all parties involved and facilitate dialogue to address the underlying causes of these conflicts. Only through sustained diplomatic initiatives can a lasting peace be achieved and future bloodshed prevented.

The situation in South Sudan’s border areas is a critical concern, not only for the communities directly affected but also for regional stability. It is crucial that all actors involved, both within South Sudan and from the international community, work together to find a peaceful and just resolution to these disputes. Striving for lasting peace and stability in the region should be the utmost priority, and concerted efforts are needed to ensure the safety and security of all communities living in these conflict-prone areas.

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