29 Palestinians, including children, killed in Gaza school massacre, Palestinian Territory


Updated: 7:51 PM, Wed July 10, 2024

At least 29 Palestinians, including many children, were killed near Al-Awda school in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, July 9, in what Palestinian authorities have called a horrible massacre. This marks the fourth Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) strike on a school in the Palestinian territory within the last week. The tragic act occurred in Khan Younis and medical sources at Nasser Hospital confirmed the casualties. The IOF claimed that they were targeting a Hamas militant near the school, stating the individual was involved in the October 7 attack on Israel. They said they are currently verifying reports that civilians were hit in the process. The incident near Al-Awda school in southern Khan Younis has again brought the humanitarian crisis in Gaza to the forefront, highlighting the severe impact on civilians. Eyewitness Mohammed Sukkar described the horror to AFP, They were not part of the resistance, were not armed, they were all civilians, emphasizing the innocence of the victims. The northern Gaza Strip has also seen increased violence, with Israeli forces launching a major aggression on Gaza City, causing massive displacement and destruction.

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