Woman Accused of Killing Father in Arson Plot: Covert Recordings Reveal Shocking Details


Updated: 8:53 AM, Mon November 20, 2023

Title: Woman Accused of Killing Father in Arson Plot: Covert Recordings Reveal Shocking Details

In a shocking turn of events, a woman has been accused of killing her father in an alleged arson plot. The trial, which is currently ongoing in the High Court at Gisborne, has unveiled startling details through covert recordings made by an undercover police officer.

Lynne Maree Martin, 63, and her husband Graeme had slowly formed a friendship with the undercover officer known as Millie, who eventually shared a fabricated scenario to broach the subject of arson. The purpose of these recordings was to gather evidence against the accused.

According to the prosecution, Martin drove from Tauranga on January 24, 2013, with the intention of setting fire to her 88-year-old father Ronald Russell Allison’s farmhouse in Whatatutu, while he was inside.

Expert fire evidence presented during the trial indicated that the fire originated from a pot of hot oil or fat left unattended on a hot stove element.

Over the course of several months, Millie gained the trust of the Martins and then shared her false predicament. She claimed to have been involved in a hit-and-run incident in Australia, where the person she hit had allegedly sexually assaulted her at a party. Millie stated that her ex-husband was blackmailing her, threatening to disclose a diary that contained details of her crime.

The Martins discussed possible solutions to Millie’s predicament. Martin cautioned against seeking legal assistance, claiming that lawyers were unreliable and only interested in financial gain. She suggested enlisting her nephew, who had a criminal background, to break into Millie’s ex-husband’s house and retrieve the diary. However, Martin also proposed the idea of burning down Millie’s house, ensuring the diary would be destroyed and an insurance payout could be obtained.

In their conversations, Martin explained that arson was the easiest crime to commit and the most difficult to trace. She mentioned having contacts in Black Power, a criminal gang, who could carry out the act for a fee. Moreover, Martin revealed that she knew someone with experience in fire forensics, who had informed her that arson without the use of accelerants was virtually untraceable. She encouraged Millie to seek advice from her forensic expert friend or search for instructions online.

Subsequent discussions between Martin and Millie revolved around various aspects of the arson plan. Martin suggested specific techniques, such as leaving a pot of oil on high on the stove, closing windows, and opening interior doors to facilitate the spread of fire while minimizing suspicion. She cautioned Millie against searching incriminating terms on her electronic devices, offering assistance in areas she referred to as deviant.

During an earlier conversation, Martin made disturbing remarks about her father’s death, describing him as harmless despite his stubborn nature. She expressed regret that her father had died in the fire, emphasizing that she would have preferred her brother to be the victim instead.

The ongoing trial has shocked the community, shedding light on the alleged plot to kill her father through arson. The jury has been listening to the covert recordings made by the undercover officer, bringing to light the chilling details of the discussions held between Lynne Maree Martin and the officer posing as her friend. The trial will continue as both the prosecution and defense present their cases, and the jury weighs the evidence to determine the truth behind these disturbing allegations.

Disclaimer: This article is a work of fiction based on the provided news prompt. It is not intended to reflect real events or individuals.

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Sophia Anderson
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