Usher Sparks Rumors of Secret Las Vegas Wedding After Super Bowl Performance, US


Updated: 4:58 PM, Mon February 12, 2024

Singer-songwriter Usher has set off rumours of a secret marriage in Las Vegas following his Super Bowl appearance. The 45-year-old artist and his girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea, reportedly obtained a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada on February 8. According to sources, Usher made the decision to tie the knot on the advice of his spiritual advisor, with the ceremony expected to be a private affair attended by close friends and family at one of Las Vegas’ renowned wedding chapels. While no official comments have been made, the couple has been together since October 2018 and are parents to two children. Usher’s previous marriage to Tameka Foster ended in 2009. The acclaimed singer recently spoke about his relationship with Goicoechea, describing it as having an amazing dynamic. Stay tuned for updates on whether the rumours come to fruition and if Usher and Jennifer Goicoechea indeed exchange vows in Las Vegas.

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