USC Defeats Brown 81-70 Behind Standout Performances by Ellis and Collier


Updated: 10:14 AM, Mon November 20, 2023

USC Earns 81-70 Victory over Brown with Outstanding Performances by Ellis and Collier

USC’s basketball team secured an impressive 81-70 win against Brown on Sunday, thanks to the standout performances of Boogie Ellis and Isaiah Collier. The Trojans, ranked No. 16 in the country, displayed determination and resilience to seal the victory.

Ellis shone in the first half, contributing 16 points for USC and playing a crucial role in holding off Brown’s persistent challenge. However, it was his long three-pointer, made just as the shot clock expired, that proved to be a game-changer. With only 33 seconds left on the clock, his shot extended USC’s lead to 79-70, giving them a critical cushion.

In addition to Ellis’ heroics, Collier showcased his skills by adding 24 points to the scoreboard. Both players displayed composure and confidence throughout the match, ensuring USC maintained control.

It wasn’t an easy win for USC, as Brown constantly posed a threat. Kino Lilly Jr. from Brown made a three-pointer with just under five minutes remaining, tying the game at 66. Brown’s resilience was evident, as they slowly closed the gap after USC had built a commanding 15-point lead in the first half. At halftime, the Trojans held a slim 35-32 advantage.

Lilly Jr. deserves special mention for his impressive performance, scoring 24 points and leading the Bears’ charge. Despite their efforts, USC’s dominance on the boards was notable, as they pulled down a total of 42 rebounds. However, Brown managed to secure 40 rebounds, including 11 offensive rebounds.

Before the game, all eyes were on Bronny James, who joined his teammates for warm-up. Although he is yet to make his college debut following a cardiac arrest during a workout at USC in July, his presence was encouraging for the team and fans alike.

For USC, the victory against Brown marks their third win of the season, bringing their record to 3-1. As the Trojans display their potential, they will undoubtedly be aiming for continued success in the coming games. With Ellis and Collier leading the way, USC’s basketball program has reason to be optimistic about their prospects for the season.

In summary, USC’s basketball team put on an impressive display against Brown, securing an 81-70 victory behind standout performances by Boogie Ellis and Isaiah Collier. Ellis’s clutch three-pointer late in the game and Collier’s consistent scoring played pivotal roles in USC’s win. Despite a strong challenge from Brown, USC’s dominance on the boards and determination secured them the victory. The Trojans’ record now stands at 3-1, and they will look to build on their success moving forward.

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