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Las Vegas Judge Orders Meta to Provide Child Social Media Policies, US

Las Vegas judge orders Meta to reveal child social media policies amid state lawsuit. Get the latest on the case in 45 days.

Fitness Influencer Liv Challenges Body Image Standards in Social Media, Australia

Fitness influencer Liv challenges body image standards in social media, promoting authenticity and body positivity to her followers.

AI Bots Blur Human Boundaries in Political Discourse, Study Shows, US

AI bots are blurring boundaries in political discourse, a study finds. Users struggle to differentiate between humans and AI on social media.

YouTube Testing Unpopular Web Layout Change, US

YouTube is testing a new, unpopular web layout that condenses video info and comments into a single column. Users are not pleased with the potential change.


Soc. Media Influencer Arrested for Threatening Prophet Muhammad Insulters, India

Social media influencer arrested for threatening Prophet Muhammad insulters - Addressing hate speech and incitement on social media.

NFL Uses TikTok to Engage Gen Z Fans and Showcase Player Personalities

Discover how the NFL is harnessing the power of TikTok to connect with Gen Z fans, showcasing player personalities and revolutionizing fan engagement.

Muslim Cleric Detained for Allegedly Insulting National Flag in Porbandar, Gujarat, India

Muslim cleric in Gujarat detained for insulting national flag. Incident sparks debate on freedom of expression and respect for national symbols.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Welcome Fourth Child

Actor Ryan Reynolds confirms the arrival of his fourth child with wife Blake Lively. Reynolds announced the news on Twitter while promoting his new show, Bedtime Stories, premiering on June 20th.