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Convictions Vacated: Two Men Released after Wrongful Murder Charges, US

Two men released after wrongful murder charges: Manhattan DA vacates convictions in groundbreaking decision. Shedding light on flaws in the justice system, calls for reform amplifies. #WrongfulConvictions #JusticeReform

Stolen Nazi Loot: $9M Art Returns to Jewish Family, US

Stolen Nazi Loot: $9M Art Returns to Jewish Family - A significant victory in the restitution of Holocaust-era art highlights justice served after 80 years.

Judge Dismisses Trump’s Defamation Lawsuit Against E. Jean Carroll, United States

Former President Donald Trump's defamation lawsuit dismissed by judge after allegations of rape, marking a crucial turning point in legal battle. Ongoing investigations and appeals prolong the case.

Manhattan District Attorney Shuts Down 11 Unlicensed Weed Bodegas, Imposes $400,000 Fines

Manhattan DA cracks down on illegal cannabis sales, striking a deal with convenience store owner. Read about the consequences and efforts for a regulated market.