Public Outrage Grows as Trump Mocks Jimmy Carter Days Before Rosalynn’s Death, US


Updated: 11:14 PM, Mon November 20, 2023

Public Outrage Grows as Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Comments Mocking Jimmy Carter Days Before Rosalynn’s Death

Former President Donald Trump finds himself at the center of controversy once again after publicly mocking former President Jimmy Carter just days before the death of Carter’s wife and former first lady, Rosalynn Carter. Trump’s comments, made during a rally in Iowa on November 18, were widely condemned as insensitive and inappropriate in light of Rosalynn’s passing.

In his speech, Trump compared the Carter administration to the current Biden administration, suggesting that Jimmy Carter might be the happiest person anywhere in this country due to the alleged failures of the Biden administration. The remarks quickly went viral on social media, where netizens expressed their outrage at the timing and content of Trump’s comments.

The tragic news of Rosalynn Carter’s passing came on November 19. The 96-year-old former first lady died at her home in Plains, Georgia, from natural causes. Her funeral is scheduled to take place on November 29. Rosalynn had entered hospice care on November 17, while her husband, Jimmy Carter, has been in hospice care since February of this year.

The public’s memories were stirred as they recalled Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks about Jimmy Carter, made only a day after Rosalynn entered hospice care. During the rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Trump criticized the Biden administration’s performance and labeled Biden as incompetent and the worst president the country had ever seen. While Trump admitted to not being a big fan of Jimmy Carter, he contrastingly referred to him as a brilliant president when compared to Joe Biden.

However, it is crucial to note that Trump’s remarks were made before Rosalynn Carter’s passing, which fueled public outcry and accusations of insensitivity. Following the news of her death, both Donald Trump and Melania Trump released a statement expressing their condolences. They praised Rosalynn’s dedication as a First Lady, her humanitarian work, and her unwavering support for her husband during their 77-year marriage.

The statement emphasized Rosalynn’s outstanding contributions to mental health advocacy, as well as her extensive involvement with the Carter Center and Habitat for Humanity. Donald Trump acknowledged her legacy of achievement and service to the nation, offering prayers for Jimmy Carter, the Carter family, and the Plains, Georgia community that Rosalynn loved so dearly.

Trump’s remarks about Jimmy Carter immediately after Rosalynn entered hospice care received extensive criticism on social media. Many users compared the seemingly loving relationship between the Carters to Trump’s own marriage with Melania, condemning the former president’s continuous disparagement of others. Netizens expressed their disgust with Trump’s comments, calling him a sick man and accusing him of stooping lower with each remark. There was also condemnation of the audience who applauded Trump’s ill-timed statements.

Rosalynn Carter’s funeral service will span three days, commencing with a motorcade and wreath-laying ceremony on Monday, November 27. The public will have the opportunity to pay their respects at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. A tribute service will be held on Tuesday at Glenn Memorial Church, and on Wednesday, a funeral procession, private funeral service, and private burial will be conducted at the Carter family residence. The funeral services will be broadcasted on television and live-streamed online.

In conclusion, Donald Trump’s mockery of Jimmy Carter just days before Rosalynn Carter’s death has ignited public outrage and drawn widespread condemnation. The untimely nature of Trump’s comments and the subsequent loss of Rosalynn Carter have amplified the criticism. As the nation mourns the loss of a beloved First Lady, the controversy surrounding Trump’s remarks continues to generate fervent debate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

When did Donald Trump mock Jimmy Carter?

Donald Trump mocked Jimmy Carter during a rally in Iowa on November 18.

When did Rosalynn Carter pass away?

Rosalynn Carter passed away on November 19.

What were Trump's comments about Jimmy Carter?

During his rally, Trump compared the Carter administration to the current Biden administration, suggesting that Jimmy Carter might be the happiest person in the country due to the alleged failures of the Biden administration.

Were Trump's comments made before or after Rosalynn Carter's passing?

Trump's comments were made before Rosalynn Carter's passing.

How did people react to Trump's remarks?

There was public outrage and widespread condemnation of Trump's remarks, with many considering them insensitive and inappropriate, particularly in light of Rosalynn Carter's death.

Did Donald Trump and Melania Trump express their condolences after Rosalynn Carter's death?

Yes, Donald Trump and Melania Trump released a statement expressing their condolences and praising Rosalynn's dedication, humanitarian work, and support for her husband.

How did social media users respond to Trump's remarks?

Social media users expressed outrage, with many criticizing Trump for his disparagement of others and the timing of his comments. Some users compared the Carters' seemingly loving relationship to Trump's own marriage and accused him of being insensitive.

When is Rosalynn Carter's funeral?

Rosalynn Carter's funeral will take place on November 29. The funeral services will be broadcasted on television and live-streamed online. Note: The current date, city, or country name is not provided in the article.

Please note that the FAQs provided on this page are based on the news article published. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is always recommended to consult relevant authorities or professionals before making any decisions or taking action based on the FAQs or the news article.

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