Mizzou Secures Thrilling 33-31 Victory over Florida with Late Miracles


Updated: 4:43 PM, Sun November 19, 2023

Mizzou Secures Thrilling 33-31 Victory over Florida with Late Miracles

In a stunning display of skill and luck, the No. 9 Missouri Tigers secured a thrilling 33-31 victory over the Florida Gators on Saturday. Despite facing a formidable opponent, Mizzou managed to capitalize on several fortunate breaks to claim the win in front of a sell-out crowd at Faurot Field.

The game took an unexpected turn in the fourth quarter when Florida backup quarterback Max Brown mishandled a snap in the red zone. Defensive tackle Kristian Williams pounced on the loose ball, giving Mizzou a golden opportunity. Seizing the moment, quarterback Brady Cook connected with receiver Theo Wease for a 77-yard touchdown, extending their lead to 30-21.

But the resilient Florida squad was not ready to concede defeat just yet. They quickly struck back with a touchdown of their own and forced Mizzou to punt. However, fate intervened once again in favor of the Tigers.

Facing a third and 12 at Mizzou’s 19-yard line, the Gators relied on running back Trevor Etienne to make a play. After stiff-arming Missouri defensive end Darius Robinson, Etienne gained two yards but went out of bounds, stopping the clock. With only one timeout remaining, Mizzou benefited from this stroke of luck. If Robinson had made a tackle for a loss, the Tigers would have likely been forced to use their final timeout. It was a fortunate turn of events for Missouri.

Florida settled for a field goal, taking a 31-30 lead with just 1:36 left on the clock. But this set the stage for Cook’s masterful game-winning drive. With a calm and composed demeanor, Cook orchestrated a flawless 12-play, 62-yard drive, culminating in a 30-yard field goal by Harrison Mevis. With five seconds remaining, the Tigers snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Missouri head coach Eli Drinkwitz expressed his unwavering belief in Cook’s abilities and credited the quarterback for instilling confidence in the team. The drive showcased the team’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

The drive started with a short two-yard pass to running back Cody Schrader, followed by an incomplete pass on second down. However, a pivotal 13-yard completion to Mekhi Miller on third and eight kept Mizzou’s hopes alive. Despite a loss of two yards on the subsequent completion to Schrader, Cook remained unfazed. Two incomplete passes created a high-pressure fourth and 17 situation. But Cook delivered a perfect 27-yard pass to star receiver Luther Burden III, securing the first down and reinvigorating the Tigers’ chances.

The victory represents a significant achievement for Mizzou, who demonstrated their ability to capitalize on opportunities presented to them. While luck certainly played a role, the team’s skill, composure, and resilience were equally crucial in securing the win.

As the Tigers celebrate their hard-fought victory, both teams can take away valuable lessons from the game. Mizzou will undoubtedly look to build on this thrilling win as they continue their impressive season. Meanwhile, Florida will regroup and analyze the missed opportunities, hoping to bounce back stronger in their future matchups.

In the unpredictable world of college football, it’s clear that sometimes being lucky can make all the difference. Mizzou utilized their strokes of luck to their advantage, demonstrating that perseverance and seizing the right opportunities can lead to thrilling victories.

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