Local Perth Band Vocalist Backtracks on Coldplay Snub in Radio Prank, Australia


Updated: 9:07 AM, Tue November 21, 2023

Local Perth Band Vocalist Backtracks on Coldplay Snub in Radio Prank

The local music scene in Perth was abuzz after Callum Kramer, the vocalist for The Southern River Band, backtracked on his viral snub of Coldplay during a radio prank. In August, Callum made headlines when he posted on his band’s Instagram page that they had no interest in opening for Coldplay’s recent concerts in Perth. However, during a playful radio prank by KIIS FM’s Will and Woody, Callum quickly changed his tune.

The prank began with Woody posing as a recruiter from LiveNation Entertainment. He called Callum, praising the band’s videos and hinting at the possibility of opening for Coldplay’s upcoming gigs in Melbourne and Sydney. Despite his previous statement that his band would never open for the British rockers, Callum immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Surprised by Callum’s change of heart, Woody questioned him about his initial rejection. Callum explained that the band had participated in the competition to gain exposure and traction, despite their reservations about the selection process. However, as Callum eagerly agreed to open for Coldplay, Woody revealed the prank, leaving Callum red-faced and furious.

The Southern River Band had gained attention earlier for publicly stating their disinterest in competing for the chance to support Coldplay. In a video shared on their Instagram, Callum stated that they were too busy to participate and implied that they would only consider opening for bands like ACDC or the Foo Fighters.

While some fans applauded the band’s decision, Coldplay eventually chose Australian singers Amy Shark and Thelma Plum as their opening acts for their Perth concerts. The British rock band recently announced that they will be returning to Australia next year to perform in Sydney and Melbourne.

The radio prank exposed Callum Kramer’s change of heart regarding Coldplay’s invitation, which initially sparked controversy and garnered significant attention for The Southern River Band. As the local music scene in Perth continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how this incident will affect the band’s reputation and future opportunities.

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