Life as a Casino: The Allure and Escapism of Gambling Revealed


Updated: 3:49 PM, Fri November 10, 2023

Life as a Casino: The Thrill and Escapism of Gambling Explored

Life’s a casino, sings Charley Crockett in his soulful track Welcome to Hard Times. His haunting voice reverberates, as if performed to an empty saloon, capturing the allure and escape offered by the world of gambling. He candidly reveals that we are all gamblers, spinning webs of deceit.

Once, in a daring move, I followed a jazz guitarist from Seattle to Fairfield Bay, Ark., hoping to hit the jackpot. He dabbled in horseracing and had a bookie associated with a cigar store in Little Rock. However, my youthful immaturity shattered my gamble. After nine months in Arkansas, my father’s passing called me back to Seattle. Yet, during my stay below the Mason-Dixon line, I embarked on new ventures. I penned a restaurant review column called Southern Bell(e), marveled at the crackling Ozark Mountain autumn leaves reminiscent of kettle-cooked potato chips, and celebrated my first essay being published in a college literary magazine.

Recently, my sister struck gold, winning a staggering $42,000 while playing cards. Surprisingly, she struggles with sending emails, but her gambling prowess is unmatched. The irony is not lost on me when we sit side-by-side at neighboring slot machines. While I exhaust my allotted funds, she effortlessly racks up bonus games, accompanied by the symphony of bells and flashing lights. Despite my envy, I plaster a smile on my face, pretending to be thrilled for her success.

I long for the nostalgia of the old slot machines, where pulling the arm unleashed the spinning reels. Gone are the days when they were called one-armed bandits. I yearn for the times in Reno when I would carry handfuls of coins, their dull metallic sheen bathing my palms, as I strolled down North Virginia Street.

However, not all casino experiences are filled with excitement and happy endings. In the buzzing hubs of Reno and Las Vegas, one can witness those who have gambled away their homes, families, and jobs. Their slouched postures, tattered clothing, and downcast faces tell tales of despair. They have unwittingly embraced hard times. Yet, this visual consequence remains absent outside gambling centers, where resorts stand alone. When gamblers lose money at local casinos, they drive off—sometimes ashamed, sometimes angry—and we are left in the dark about their subsequent journeys.

Occasionally, gambling can prove lucrative. In my early 30s, luck smiled upon me, and I won a jackpot of $3,400 on a Double Diamond machine. After waiting for 15 years, I finally had enough to buy my first dog—an English bulldog who I affectionately named Bix Beiderbecke. The tale of the famous 1920s cornet player, who achieved fame only to discover his parents had never even opened the albums he had sent them, struck a chord with me.

Although I rarely visit local casinos due to financial constraints and a busy life, I yearn for the adrenaline rush of prowling through a casino like a shark, instinctively honing in on the perfect machine. I crave the immersive trance-like state where time stands still, and nothing else matters. It is a place where I believe I share a connection with these machines that tease and tempt me. I relish the opportunity to make choices of winning or losing, as I tend to play it safe in my everyday life.

Why do I always seek an escape? Instead, I should revel in the wonder of existence itself, appreciating the fact that I am fortunate to be here. Yet, the urge to flee life on its own terms persists. Gambling transports me to a suspended reality, where nothing else exists but the thrill of the game.

Imagine if we were to perceive life itself as a casino, where being a grown-up wouldn’t feel so daunting. Picture a world where every step we take resembles a leisurely stroll on a clear moonlit night, pockets filled with surplus cash, and our brain’s reward system echoing the illuminating glow of a Double Diamond machine. In this realm, Iggy Pop’s timeless anthem Lust for Life blares from towering speakers dispersed across an endless parking lot.

While gambling may entice us with the allure of escape and thrill, it is essential to remember the risks involved. Life, like gambling, is about striking a careful balance. As we navigate the complexities of existence, we must embrace both the highs and lows, ensuring that the allure of the casino does not consume us entirely.

In conclusion, gambling serves as a pathway to temporary bliss and respite from the rigors of life. Whether it’s the pursuit of wealth, the trance-like state of playing, or the longing for escape, gambling’s appeal is undeniable. However, we must approach it with caution, recognizing that life itself is a gamble, and only through balance can we truly enjoy its rewards.

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