Jaguars stun Titans with Lawrence’s four TDs in dominant win


Updated: 3:35 AM, Mon November 20, 2023

Trevor Lawrence led the Jacksonville Jaguars to a stunning victory over the Tennessee Titans with an impressive performance that included four touchdowns. The Jaguars dominated the game, securing a 34-14 win and improving their season record to 7-3. This victory keeps them at the top of the AFC South as they prepare for their upcoming road game in Houston.

The Jaguars are hoping that this win marks the beginning of a strong run similar to the one they had in mid-November last year. After a slow start to the season with a 3-7 record, they managed to win six of their last seven games and ultimately clinched the division title. With Lawrence’s exceptional play, the team is optimistic about their chances this year.

Lawrence showcased his skills by throwing two touchdown passes to Calvin Ridley and running for two more touchdowns himself. He completed 24 of 32 passes for 262 yards before giving way to C.J. Beathard in the fourth quarter. Ridley had an outstanding game, contributing seven catches for 103 yards and an impressive 18-yard run.

Meanwhile, the Titans have been struggling recently, going 3-14 in their last seven games. Last year, they were leading the AFC South before the Jaguars’ winning streak. Although they have an opportunity to bounce back in their next game against the Carolina Panthers, their performance against the Jaguars did not provide much hope for a long winning streak in the future.

During Sunday’s game, the Titans had a couple of highlights, including a long touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins and a short scoring pass to defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons. However, they also committed two turnovers and only managed to pick up 12 first downs throughout the game. Penalties proved costly for them, extending several Jaguars’ drives. This overall sloppy performance is unlikely to please head coach Mike Vrabel when he reviews the game footage.

In contrast, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson will be delighted with his franchise quarterback’s outstanding contribution. Thanks to Lawrence’s exceptional performance, he enters Week 12 with a positive perspective on the team’s prospects.

Overall, the Jaguars’ dominant win over the Titans showcased the team’s potential and their ability to bounce back from a previous blowout. With Lawrence leading the charge, the Jaguars are in a strong position at the top of the AFC South. However, the Titans will need to regroup and find a way to turn their recent struggles around if they want to salvage their season.

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