It’s Always Sunny Gang Invades Marvel: Hilarious Fan Art Fuels Fantastic Four Speculation


Updated: 4:40 AM, Sun November 19, 2023

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang has taken the internet by storm with some hilarious fan art that has sparked speculation about their potential involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it’s highly unlikely that the gang will make an appearance in the MCU, fans have had a blast imagining them as the Fantastic Four.

Visual artist Kode Abdo, also known as BossLogic on Instagram, shared his own interpretation of the gang as the iconic superhero team. According to Abdo’s casting, Dennis Reynolds (played by Glenn Howerton) would take on the role of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Dee Reynolds (played by Kaitlin Olson) would be Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, Charlie Kelly (played by Charlie Day) would become Johnny Storm/the Human Torch, and Mac McDonald (played by Rob McElhenney) would transform into Ben Grimm/The Thing. Abdo even hilariously (mis)cast Frank Reynolds (played by Danny DeVito) as Victor von Doom.

This fantastic artwork and speculation stemmed from the realization that Matt Shakman, who will be directing Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, was once a key member of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia directing team. Shakman has directed an impressive 43 episodes of the hit FX series, including fan-favorite episodes like Charlie Work, The Nightman Cometh, and The Gang Goes to a Water Park, which are highly regarded on IMDb.

The recent wave of Always Sunny/Fantastic Four memes and jokes also appears to have been inspired by comments Shakman made about his work on the series in relation to his involvement with Marvel’s first family.

While it’s entertaining to imagine the It’s Always Sunny gang joining forces with Marvel’s superheroes, it’s important to remember that these speculations are purely for fun. As of now, there are no plans for the gang to invade the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nonetheless, the fan art and discussions surrounding the topic have brought joy to fans and sparked creativity within the online community.

So, while we may not see the gang in the Marvel movies anytime soon, we can still enjoy the hilarious memes and artwork that have emerged from this unlikely pairing. It just goes to show the power of fandom and the endless possibilities that can arise from the creative minds of talented fans.

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