Deeper Network Strengthens Web3 Ecosystem with Cardano Emurgo Investment and ADSC Development, Hong Kong


Updated: 3:36 PM, Thu September 21, 2023

Deeper Network, a leading player in the field of blockchain-based internet security and privacy, has announced significant developments in its ecosystem that will further enhance its position in the cybersecurity and blockchain industries. These developments include a strategic investment from Emurgo, the venture arm of Cardano, as well as the development of ADSC, a blockchain project built on the Deeper Chain.

Emurgo’s investment in Deeper Network demonstrates their recognition of the potential of decentralized technologies in revolutionizing internet security and Web3. As a prominent supporter of blockchain adoption and innovation, Emurgo is committed to fostering the growth of the Deeper Network’s ecosystem. The investment will accelerate the development efforts of Deeper Network and enable the expansion of its decentralized solutions for internet security, benefiting users worldwide.

ADSC, the blockchain project built on the Deeper Chain, marks another significant milestone for Deeper Network. ADSC aims to transform traditional paradigms of online advertising by providing a more secure and personalized online experience. Users will have the ability to selectively engage with advertisements while maintaining their privacy and data sovereignty. The collaboration between Deeper Network and ADSC signifies a synergy of expertise and resources that will strengthen the capabilities of both platforms in providing users with unmatched internet security.

Russell Liu, CEO of Deeper Network, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, We are honored to welcome ADSC to the Deeper Network family. Their expertise in advanced digital technologies will play a pivotal role in driving our innovation and research forward. Together, we will strengthen our capabilities to provide users with unmatched internet security.

The collaboration aims to advance blockchain-based security solutions, enhance online privacy, and expand the web3 ecosystem. Users will directly benefit from the technology developed through this partnership.

Deeper Network is focused on revolutionizing internet security through the use of blockchain technology. By offering decentralized solutions for enhanced online privacy and security, Deeper Network empowers users to take control of their digital lives. With a commitment to a safer and more open internet, Deeper Network pioneers innovative solutions to address the challenges of the digital age.

For media inquiries, please contact Eric Ma. To learn more about Deeper Network and its solutions, visit their website at

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