British Soldier Charged in Magaluf Throat Slashing Incident: Prosecutors Seek Three-Year Prison Sentence, Spain


Updated: 4:23 PM, Sat August 12, 2023

A British soldier has been charged in connection with a throat-slashing incident that occurred in Magaluf, Spain. Sydney Cole, 23, is facing a three-year prison sentence as Spanish prosecutors pursue legal action. The incident took place at Bananas nightclub in 2019, where Lance Corporal Sarah Garrity, 26, from Irvine, Ayrshire, suffered a severe knife wound to her throat.

Medics at the scene managed to close the wound using 14 stitches, but Sarah lost four pints of blood and had to be placed in intensive care. Her life was saved by the quick actions of a teenage bystander named Kane Sharman, who rushed to stem the bleeding from her neck.

Cole, who hails from Hertfordshire and is the daughter of a bus driver, was initially taken into custody in Majorca on suspicion of attempted homicide before being released pending further investigation. However, a Mallorcan court issued a warrant for her arrest after she changed her address without notifying the authorities.

Sarah, who was serving in the Royal Logistics Corps at the time of the incident, stated that she did not want to press charges against Cole. The altercation occurred during an all-day foam party when Sarah tried to intervene in a dispute between Cole and another British acquaintance named Deborah. According to witnesses, Deborah had punched Cole in the face, leading to a physical altercation in which Sarah’s throat was cut.

Deborah has reportedly been questioned by the police, but her account of the events has not yet been made public.

Following the fight, Cole was held in custody for two days before being released from prison with the assistance of her lawyers. Sarah was discharged from Son Espases Hospital in Palma after spending over 24 hours in intensive care and receiving further treatment on a general ward.

The case remains ongoing, and as of now, Cole faces the possibility of a three-year prison sentence if convicted. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can arise during late-night altercations, particularly when alcohol is involved.

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Sophia Anderson
Sophia Anderson
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