Emma Scott

Emma Scott, a dedicated and seasoned journalist at The Reportify, brings her expertise to illuminate the latest happenings in the dynamic landscape of New Zealand. With an unquenchable curiosity and an eye for detail, Emma is committed to delivering accurate and engaging news coverage. Stay connected with the pulse of New Zealand through Emma's insightful articles and stay informed on the stories that matter most to the region. Explore the world of New Zealand news with Emma Scott and The Reportify. She can be reached at emma@thereportify.com for any inquiries or further information.

Exclusive articles:

Canada’s Startup Visa Restrictions Spark Concerns Among Entrepreneurs – IRCC Updates 2024

Canada's Startup Visa restrictions raise concerns among entrepreneurs as IRCC updates 2024 limit annual processing of permanent residence applications for startups and self-employed individuals.

Alberta Strips Funding for Low-Income Transit Program, Impacting Thousands, Canada

Alberta reverses decision to defund low-income transit programs in Edmonton and Calgary, supporting 25,000 residents. A victory for community advocacy.

Christchurch Arts Centre Faces Council Takeover Due to Financial Struggles, New Zealand

Christchurch Arts Centre faces council takeover due to financial struggles. Find out the potential outcome and solutions at the upcoming presentation.

Ministers David Seymour and Chris Bishop Announce Rental Changes at Parliament, New Zealand

Ministers David Seymour and Chris Bishop announce rental changes at Parliament. Stay tuned for the livestream event at 1 pm on Monday!

Salmon Arm: City Drops Wildfire Covenant Requirement, Focuses on FireSmart Education, Canada

Discover how Salmon Arm dropped wildfire covenant requirement, focusing on FireSmart education. Find out how one man's complaint led to change.


Multiple fatalities as school building collapses in Jos, Nigeria

Multiple fatalities reported as school building collapses in Jos, Nigeria. Trapped pupils cry for help as rescue efforts continue.

Western University Pauses Alice Munro Chair Amid Abuse Allegations, Canada

Western University pauses Alice Munro Chair amid abuse allegations, reevaluating legacy after reports of protecting abuser. #AliceMunro #abuse

Federal Workers Wrap Up Disaster Relief in Leominster – Application Deadline Approaching, US

Get the latest update on FEMA's disaster relief efforts in Leominster as workers wrap up assistance, with an application deadline fast approaching. Apply now for aid!

Extreme Heat Amplifies Medication Risks: Stay Safe in Hot Weather, US

Protect yourself from extreme heat amplifying medication risks. Stay safe in hot weather by understanding your medications and their storage requirements.