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Exclusive articles:

Rachel Riley Apologizes for Controversial Tweet on Sydney Mall Stabbings, Australia

Rachel Riley apologizes for tweet linking Sydney mall stabbings to Palestinian uprising, sparking controversy. Channel 4 under pressure to dismiss her.

Bigfoot Statue Goes Viral in Kinsley, Kansas, US

Discover the buzz surrounding a massive Bigfoot statue in Kinsley, Kansas that's captivating social media! Explore the legendary creature's presence in a whole new way.

Cake Shop Owner Stands Up to Rude Customer in Viral Video, US

Colorado cake shop owner goes viral after standing up to rude customer in a powerful video. Learn how she turned the tables on disrespectful patrons. #SmallBusiness

Thai Prime Minister’s Lucky Numbers Spark Lottery Frenzy, Thailand

Thai PM's lucky numbers for 70th birthday spark lottery frenzy in Thailand. Will Prayut's milestones bring fortune in the draw?

Shoe Hurled at Ex-Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz During NA-118 Rally, Pakistan

Shoe hurled at ex-Punjab CM Hamza Shehbaz during NA-118 rally. Incident highlights political tensions, raises security concerns.


Police Detain Five Over Drug-Like Substance in Pune Bar, India

Police in Pune detain five individuals after a viral video shows drug-like substance at a bar. Two police officers suspended over late-night party violation.

India Boosts Naval Strength with New Kalvari-class Submarine Deal Valued at ₹35,000 Crore

India boosts naval strength with a new Kalvari-class submarine deal worth ₹35,000 crore, enhancing underwater capabilities for maritime security.

Special Counsel Seeks Gag Order on Trump Over FBI Threat Claim

Special Counsel seeks gag order on Trump over FBI threat claim. Controversy erupts as legal battle intensifies.

Beware: 3 in 10 Job Postings Potentially Fake, Could Harm Trust – Study

Discover how 3 in 10 job postings are potentially fake, harming trust among job seekers. Learn tips to avoid falling for misleading listings.