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Man Shot Dead in New Delhi Shop, Accused Arrested, India

Man shot dead in a New Delhi shop, accused arrested. Stay updated on this developing story as the investigation unfolds.

Indian Student Shot Dead in Vancouver; Fundraiser Launched, Canada

Indian student shot dead in Vancouver; family launches fundraiser to repatriate body. Community in shock over senseless tragedy.

Shooting at Philadelphia Eid Al Fitr Celebration Leaves Three Wounded, US

Shooting at Eid Al Fitr celebration in Philadelphia leaves three wounded after gunfire between rival groups. Governor expresses grief.

Indian-origin Builder Shot Dead in Edmonton, Extortion Calls Suspected, Canada

Indian-origin builder shot dead in Edmonton, suspected extortion calls. Ministry of External Affairs expresses concerns over Indian community receiving extortion calls in Canada.


Man Fatally Shot at Albany Tourist Information Center, Suspect Arrested, United States (US)

Man fatally shot at Albany Tourist Information Center, suspect arrested. Tragic incident sparks community shock and mourning. Ongoing investigation seeks justice and unity.

Social Media Argument Turns Deadly: Woman Shot and Killed, Suspect in Custody

Tragic social media argument turns deadly: Woman shot and killed in Alabama. Find out the shocking details and the suspect's custody. #JusticeForHonesty

Passenger in Car with Injured Teenager Shares Story to Uncover the Truth of France Riots

Investigate the truth behind the France riots sparked by the shooting of a teenager by a police officer. Discover the passenger's testimony and the deep-seated tensions between the police and young people in France's housing projects. Find out more.

Cousins in Deadly Dispute: Suspect Sought in Sanford Homicide, US

Deadly shooting in Sanford, Florida - Police seek suspect. Tragic dispute between cousins leads to fatal outcome. Help solve this crime. #JusticeForJarkevis