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Florida State Snubbed from College Football Playoff, Sparks Controversy, US

Former Florida State quarterback Danny Kanell sparks controversy by calling the College Football Playoff a true playoff after the team's snub. The decision favored Alabama, leading Kanell to criticize the committee's criteria. #FloridaStateSnubbed #CollegeFootballPlayoff

UNLV Rebels Rebound with Dominant Wins, Face Power Five Test Against Florida State

UNLV Rebels rebound with dominant wins, now face tough test against Florida State. Can they continue their winning streak? Find out now!

College Football Playoff Rankings: Undefeated and One-Loss Teams Battle for Top Four Spots

Get the latest updates on the College Football Playoff rankings and the race for the top four spots. Find out which teams remain undefeated and who is in contention for a playoff berth.

Florida State Quarterback Jordan Travis Injured, Seminoles Rally for Victory, US

Despite quarterback Jordan Travis's injury, the Florida State Seminoles rally for victory. An impressive display of resilience in the face of adversity.


Florida State and Clemson Rumored to Join Big Ten or SEC in Conference Realignment

Discover the latest rumors about Florida State and Clemson potentially joining the Big Ten or SEC in college football's conference realignment. Find out what's fueling the desire for change.

College Football Week 8 Preview: Duke Faces Florida State, Clemson Battles Miami, & North Carolina Takes on Virginia

Get ready for exciting Week 8 matchups in the ACC! Duke vs Florida State, Clemson vs Miami, and Virginia vs North Carolina. Don't miss the thrilling action!

LSU’s Playoff Hopes Dashed in Upset Loss to FSU: The Heck Beaten Out of Them, US

LSU's playoff hopes crumble in upset loss to FSU, exposing weaknesses and missed opportunities. Can they recover?

Georgia Maintains No. 1 Ranking in College Football Poll, Alabama Returns to Top 10, US

Georgia's dominance in college football rankings continues as Alabama makes a strong comeback. Follow the intense battle for the top spot.