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Connecticut Man Arrested for DUI with Children in Car in Portsmouth, US

Connecticut man arrested for DUI with kids in car in Portsmouth. 5 DUI arrests made over Fourth of July weekend. Scheduled court appearance next Thursday.

Suspected DUI Driver Collides with Police in Utah Pursuit, Minor Injuries Reported, US

Suspected DUI driver collides with police in Utah pursuit, resulting in minor injuries for both parties. Shots fired during the chase.

Ephrata Man Arrested for DUI After Leading Police on 15-Mile Chase

Ephrata man arrested for DUI & leading police on a 15-mile chase. Cooperation with law enforcement is crucial for public safety. Stay tuned for updates.

Palatine Man Charged with Running Over Officer and Bar Employee, US

Palatine man charged with hitting police officer and bar employee with car at fight scene in suburban Chicago. Suspect arrested and facing multiple charges.


Two Underage Drinkers Arrested in Hit-and-Run Crash, Injuring Pedestrian – Riverside County Deputies Take Action, US

Two underage drinkers arrested in Riverside County hit-and-run incident. Swift law enforcement response and community collaboration essential for safety #RiversideCounty

Leicester Teacher Banned for DUI Hit-and-Run, Faces Serious Professional Consequences, UK

Leicester teacher banned for DUI hit-and-run, facing professional consequences. Panel emphasizes need to uphold standards of teaching profession.

Rising Hip Hop Star Ken Carson Arrested in Atlanta for DUI and Assault on Police Officers: Fans Left Worried as Legal Troubles Mount

Rising hip hop star Ken Carson faces legal troubles after arrest. Charges include DUI, battery, and resisting arrest. Fans await updates on his future.

St. Austell Woman Sentenced for Dangerous Driving & DUI, UK

St. Austell woman sentenced for dangerous driving & DUI | OpenAI