Violence and Transphobia Targeting Youth on the Rise in Nova Scotia, says Trans Advocacy Group


Updated: 2:10 AM, Tue November 21, 2023

Violence and Transphobia Targeting Youth on the Rise in Nova Scotia, says Trans Advocacy Group

In a concerning development, a trans advocacy group in Nova Scotia has highlighted an alarming rise in incidents of violence and transphobia targeting youth in the province. Veronica Merryfield, the founder of the Cape Breton Transgender Network, emphasized the importance of Transgender Day of Remembrance this year in light of these distressing trends. Merryfield spoke out during a ceremony where the trans flag was raised outside the provincial legislature, marking the day of remembrance.

According to Merryfield, she has received an unprecedented number of requests for assistance from parents whose children have recently experienced transphobia in schools over the past two weeks. This surge in cases is unlike anything she has seen before over such a short period of time. Merryfield believes that transphobic rhetoric originating in the United States has made its way to Canada and is now evident in school-based policies. She specifically pointed out New Brunswick’s Policy 713 and Saskatchewan’s Parents’ Bill of Rights as examples, both of which require parental consent for students to use their preferred first name or pronouns at school. LGBTQ advocates argue that these rules are harmful to trans students.

While Nova Scotia has not indicated any plans to introduce a similar policy, the province’s transgender children are still at a high risk of experiencing transphobia and violence. The trans advocacy group’s statement sheds light on the urgent need for action to protect and support vulnerable youth in Nova Scotia.

It remains crucial to address and combat transphobia in educational institutions, as these incidents have a profound impact on the well-being and mental health of trans youth. By creating inclusive policies and fostering a safe and supportive environment, schools can play a pivotal role in ensuring the rights and dignity of all students, regardless of their gender identity.

As this issue gains greater attention, it is hoped that policymakers and educational authorities will take the necessary steps to address the rise in violence and transphobia targeting youth. The protection and well-being of trans students should be a top priority, and it is incumbent upon society as a whole to stand up against discrimination and create an environment where all individuals are valued and respected. Transgender Day of Remembrance serves as a poignant reminder of the struggles and challenges faced by the transgender community, and a catalyst for change in fostering a more inclusive society.

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