USWNT Player Ashlyn Harris Opens Up About Devastating Online Abuse After Split from Ali Krieger


Updated: 12:17 AM, Mon November 20, 2023

USWNT Player Ashlyn Harris Reveals Online Abuse After Split from Ali Krieger

USWNT player Ashlyn Harris has opened up about the devastating online abuse she has received following her separation from her ex-wife, Ali Krieger. In a heartfelt statement posted on Instagram, Harris expressed the pain and mental toll caused by the hate and bullying she has faced.

The couple’s split, which happened after nearly 13 years together, was initially intended to remain private. However, due to a leak, they were forced to address the situation publicly. Harris explained that the online hate and cruel words she has endured have taken a severe toll on her mental health, describing the experience as brutal.

Harris emphasized the importance of words and the impact they can have. She expressed her concern that her children will one day read the hateful comments strangers have made about their mother and their family. Harris called for a change in attitudes towards online abuse, highlighting the need to create a safe and inclusive environment for people to express themselves.

Addressing rumors surrounding the reason for her split with Krieger, Harris stated that not all marriages last forever and that there were multiple factors contributing to their decision. She asserted that she remained faithful during the marriage and that therapy and processing were done throughout the summer in an effort to address their separation and divorce as amicably as possible.

Despite the dark times they are currently facing, Harris acknowledged the years of love she shared with Krieger and expressed her desire to co-parent their children with kindness and respect. She implored for humanity and understanding during this difficult time and asked for her family to be treated with compassion.

Harris concluded her statement by reminding readers that she is a human being, a mother, and someone who is simply doing her best. She called for an end to the continuous cruelty and for people to remember that words can cause real harm. Harris hoped that instead of tearing each other down, people could find understanding and treat her and her family with humanity.

Ashlyn Harris filed for divorce from Ali Krieger on September 19 after four years of marriage. It was revealed in October that Harris is currently dating actress Sophia Bush after Bush’s split from her husband. Harris and Krieger have two children together, Sloane, aged 2, and Ocean, aged 1.

The story of Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger’s split highlights the impact of online abuse and serves as a reminder of the need for kindness and empathy in our interactions. It is essential to create an inclusive online space where individuals feel safe and respected.

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