Trump Returns to US-Mexico Border with Expansive Immigration Agenda


Updated: 8:39 PM, Sun November 19, 2023

Former President Donald Trump made a trip to the US-Mexico border on Sunday to advocate for a hardline immigration agenda that goes beyond his policies during his first term in office. Trump delivered remarks in Edinburg, Texas, and served meals to National Guard soldiers and troopers who will be stationed at the border over Thanksgiving.

During his visit, Trump was joined by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, an ally who is expected to endorse Trump for the 2024 presidential nomination. Trump has been outlining immigration proposals that would significantly escalate his previous approach, sparking concerns from civil rights activists and facing legal challenges.

Here is an overview of Trump’s expansive immigration agenda:

1. Reviving and expanding the travel ban: Trump wants to reimplement his controversial travel ban, which initially targeted seven Muslim-majority countries. The ban faced opposition all the way to the US Supreme Court, which upheld a watered down version that included travelers from North Korea and some Venezuelan officials.

2. Ideological screening for immigrants: Trump aims to introduce new screening measures to prevent individuals he refers to as Christian-hating communists and Marxists, dangerous lunatics, haters, bigots, and maniacs from entering the US. He emphasized that those who come to and join the country should love it.

3. Bar support for Hamas: Trump wants to disqualify those who support radical Islamic terrorists and extremists or seek to abolish the state of Israel from entering the US. He also seeks to target foreign nationals on college campuses who express anti-American or antisemitic views.

4. Deport immigrants harboring militant sympathizers: Trump plans to deport immigrants living in the US who have connections to militant sympathizers and deploy immigration agents to pro-militant demonstrations to identify violators. His focus would extend to foreign nationals on college campuses, with potential student visa revocations for those with anti-American or antisemitic views.

5. Invoke the Alien Enemies Act: Trump intends to use the Alien Enemies Act to remove known or suspected gang members and drug dealers from the US. This law was used to justify internment camps during World War II and grants the president the authority to detain and deport non-US citizens unilaterally.

6. End birthright citizenship: Trump aims to terminate the constitutional right to birthright citizenship through an executive order on his first day back in office. This order would reinterpret the 14th Amendment and restrict eligibility for passport, Social Security number, and other benefits to children with at least one US citizen or lawful permanent resident parent.

7. Terminate work permits and cut off funding: Trump plans to terminate all work permits and eliminate funding for shelter and transportation for individuals residing in the US illegally.

8. Expand the border wall: Trump intends to continue building more sections of the border wall, crack down on legal asylum-seekers, and reintroduce measures like Title 42, which allows turning away immigrants at the US-Mexico border to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

9. Push for death penalty in human trafficking cases: Trump will urge Congress to pass a law that would impose the death penalty on anyone caught trafficking women or children.

10. Shift federal law enforcement agents: Trump wants to reassign federal law enforcement agents, including those from the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration, from overseas duties to immigration enforcement. He also plans to reposition thousands of troops currently stationed abroad to the southern border.

Trump’s visit to the border comes as the subject of immigration enforcement remains contentious. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken a strong stance on border security, approving new border wall construction, busing migrants to Democrat-led cities, and authorizing measures that challenge the federal government’s authority over immigration. Trump’s support for Abbott is expected to strengthen the governor’s position within the GOP.

While many voters express dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s handling of the border, Trump’s proposals have also faced criticism from Democrats, who view them as extreme. According to a Marquette Law School poll, Trump holds a significant advantage over Biden in terms of public opinion on immigration and border security.

The former president’s return to the US-Mexico border aims to emphasize his commitment to a tough stance on immigration and promote further policy changes if he were to be elected for a second term in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

When did former President Donald Trump return to the US-Mexico border?

Former President Donald Trump returned to the US-Mexico border recently, but the specific date is not mentioned in the article.

Where did Trump deliver his remarks and serve meals to National Guard soldiers and troopers?

Trump delivered his remarks in Edinburg, Texas, where he also served meals to National Guard soldiers and troopers stationed at the border over Thanksgiving.

Who joined Trump during his visit to the border?

Republican Governor Greg Abbott joined Trump during his visit to the border.

What does Trump's immigration agenda include?

Trump's immigration agenda includes reviving and expanding the travel ban, implementing ideological screening for immigrants, deporting immigrants harboring militant sympathizers, invoking the Alien Enemies Act, terminating birthright citizenship, ending work permits, building more border wall, and pressing Congress to pass a law for capital punishment in trafficking cases.

What is Republican Governor Greg Abbott planning to do regarding immigration?

Abbott plans to sign a law allowing police officers to arrest migrants suspected of entering the country illegally, which is seen as a challenge to the US government's authority over immigration.

How has Abbott gained support in Texas?

Abbott has gained broad support in Texas, where he has helped the GOP make inroads with Hispanic voters.

Are there any criticisms of Trump's immigration plans?

Yes, Democrats criticize Trump's plans as extreme.

How do voters feel about the Biden administration's handling of the border?

According to recent polls, many voters express dissatisfaction with the Biden administration's handling of the border.

What impact do Trump's presence and immigration agenda have on the political landscape?

Trump's presence at the border and his immigration agenda continue to shape the political landscape and fuel discussions on immigration policy in the United States.

Please note that the FAQs provided on this page are based on the news article published. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is always recommended to consult relevant authorities or professionals before making any decisions or taking action based on the FAQs or the news article.

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