Teen girls charged with assaulting police officer at Brampton high school, Canada


Updated: 7:55 AM, Tue November 21, 2023

Three teenage girls have been arrested and charged after allegedly assaulting a police officer at a high school in Brampton, according to Peel Regional Police. The incident took place on November 9th at Cardinal Leger Secondary School.

Peel police were called to the school after receiving a report of an officer being assaulted by students. The officer, a youth investigator from the 22 Division, was at the school to investigate a matter at the request of the principal.

During the officer’s conversation with the principal, a fight broke out in the cafeteria. The officer identified herself as a member of Peel Regional Police and attempted to intervene in the fight. However, it is alleged that multiple students struck the officer several times.

Afterwards, three students believed to be involved in the incident were taken into custody. Two 15-year-old girls from Brampton have been charged with assaulting a peace officer causing bodily harm. Additionally, a 17-year-old girl from Brampton was charged with assaulting a peace officer causing bodily harm and obstructing a peace officer.

The names of the suspects have not been released due to their status as minors and their protection under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information is urged to contact investigators.

It is essential to note that this is a developing story, and more information may be revealed as the investigation progresses. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary.

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Sophia Anderson
Sophia Anderson
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