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UK Economy Set to Exit Recession Despite March Slowdown

UK economy expected to exit recession despite March slowdown. Analysts predict positive growth in first quarter, driven by improved business activity and consumer spending.

Global Shares Steady as Bank of Japan Ends Negative Rates, Eyes on Fed Meeting

Global shares stabilize as Bank of Japan ends negative rates & Fed meeting looms. Markets await central banks' actions amid economic trends.

Bank of Canada Holds Key Rate at 5.0% Amid Economic Slowdown

Bank of Canada keeps key rate at 5.0% amid economic slowdown. Governor Macklem cites excess supply, inflation concerns, and slow growth in latest announcement.

Australian Economy Optimism: Inflation Easing & Interest Rates Peaked, Says NAB CEO

Australian Economy Optimism: NAB CEO sees inflation easing and interest rates peaking, confident in avoiding recession. New CEO named.


Important Developments in Federal Student Loans: Loan Cancellation Blocked, Payment Moratorium Ending, Higher Interest Rates Set for 2023-24

Discover the latest developments in federal student loans, including blocked loan cancellation, ending payment moratorium, and higher interest rates for 2023-24. Stay informed and prepared.

Job Market Remains Strong as Economic Data Points to Robust Growth

Discover the latest economic data pointing to robust job market growth in the United States. Stay informed on key indicators and potential risks.

US Stock Positioning Points to Potential Pullback Risk, According to Citi’s Montagu

With a risk of a pullback in US stocks, Citigroup warns investors to exercise caution. Market positioning and cautious signs suggest a potential market decline.

Stock Futures Show Minimal Movement as Traders Anticipate Key Inflation Figures

U.S. stock futures await inflation data while investors stay uncertain about interest rate direction. Earnings season and economic updates ahead.