OTL Africa Downstream Energy Week Converges in Lagos: Industry Experts and Policy Makers to Discuss Petroleum Market Changes, Nigeria


Updated: 10:24 AM, Fri October 20, 2023

Lagos will host the 17th edition of the OTL Africa Downstream Energy Week, bringing together industry experts and policymakers to discuss changes in the petroleum market. Scheduled to take place from October 23rd to 26th, the event will cover various aspects of the midstream and downstream business, including refining, trading, logistics, marketing, and retail. Key partners in this event include the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority and the Ministry of Petroleum, who will provide insights into the implementation of changes arising from the Petroleum Industry Act and guidance on the industry’s policy direction, respectively.

The four-day event will feature over fifty speakers and a showcase exhibition where leading industry brands will engage with the market by showcasing their innovations, services, and technology. The OTL Africa Downstream Energy Week has been instrumental in shaping the agenda and facilitating business and operations in downstream energy markets for the past seventeen years.

Some notable speakers attending the event include the Minister of State for Petroleum – Oil, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream, and the Managing Director of Dangote Group, among others. With a focus on encompassing the entire midstream and downstream value chain, the event aims to provide valuable insights and facilitate meaningful discussions on the future of the petroleum market.

The event will be held at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, and more information can be obtained from the official website of OTL Africa. This gathering of industry experts and policymakers is expected to pave the way for informed decisions and collaborations that will shape the future of the African downstream petroleum industry.

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