New EMS Service Saves Lives by Speeding Up Emergency Response in Rural Alabama, US


Updated: 10:33 AM, Wed November 15, 2023

Residents in rural areas of East Alabama now have a new lifeline in emergency situations, as medics have unveiled a groundbreaking EMS service designed to improve emergency response times and save lives. The new service, called Survival Flight, operates out of the Talladega Airport and aims to expedite the process of transporting patients to the hospital.

Survival Flight fills a critical gap by providing a speedy and high-level critical care service for people in the area. This service covers Talladega and St Clair Counties, and when necessary, can transport patients to hospitals in UAB or Atlanta. By establishing a base at the airport, Survival Flight significantly cuts down on response times. It allows ambulance personnel to deliver patients directly to the airport, reducing the time it takes for the helicopter to reach the scene and facilitating quicker patient transfers to hospitals.

To ensure the highest level of care, each EMS helicopter is staffed with a paramedic, nurse, and pilot. Survival Flight hires experienced veteran paramedics and ER Nurses with ICU backgrounds. The decision to locate the base at Talladega Airport was made to alleviate the pressure experienced by other helicopter services in the region, rather than competing with them. This collaborative approach aims to meet the increasing demand for air medical transportation efficiently.

Mitchell Upchurch, a flight paramedic involved in the new service, explained the benefits of Survival Flight’s location: It’s a good location, there’s other helicopters around, and I really don’t think we’ve hurt any of their business at all because they were under the same pressure we were. We’re all getting a ton of flights, and we all needed relief.

Survival Flight brings much-needed relief to the residents of rural East Alabama by providing prompt critical care services and faster transportation to hospitals. The establishment of this new EMS service is expected to positively impact emergency response times, ultimately leading to more lives being saved in these underserved areas.

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