Long Island Serial Killer Suspect Set to Appear in Court: New Evidence Emerges, US


Updated: 3:27 AM, Wed November 15, 2023

Long Island Serial Killer Suspect Set to Appear in Court: New Evidence Emerges

A Long Island man suspected of being the notorious Gilgo Beach serial killer is scheduled to make a court appearance on Wednesday, following the emergence of new evidence. Rex Heuermann, a 59-year-old architect residing in Long Island, has vehemently denied any involvement in the murders. However, prosecutors previously announced that DNA evidence found on one of the victims matched Heuermann’s DNA.

The hunt for the Gilgo Beach killer began in 2010 when authorities were searching for a missing woman and stumbled upon 11 sets of human remains in the Gilgo Beach area of New York. The investigation took a major turn this year with the arrest of Heuermann, who has been charged with the murders of three of the women.

The victims discovered during the investigation include Melissa Barthelemy, Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Megan Waterman, Amber Lynn Costello, and Shannan Gilbert. It has been determined that these women were all killed by the same person. While not all of the remains have been identified, Heuermann has been linked to several of the identified victims but has not been charged in all of their deaths.

In an ongoing investigation, Heuermann is also considered a suspect in the murder of Valerie Mack, Karen Vergata, and the last of the Gilgo Four, Brainard-Barnes. The Suffolk County Police Commissioner, Rodney Harrison, announced new witnesses stepping forward during a press conference. Police continue to diligently investigate the deaths of all 11 individuals found on Gilgo Beach.

It is crucial to emphasize that the investigation remains active, and the authorities are determined to uncover the truth. The recent court appearance of the suspect, Rex Heuermann, presents an opportunity for new evidence to come to light. The Gilgo Beach case has garnered significant attention and has had a lasting impact on the Long Island community.

For those following this chilling case, the Dateline episode titled The Hunt for the Gilgo Beach Killer provides further insights and can be streamed on NBC and Peacock.

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