Fan Hits Epic Half-Court Shot at Lakers Game for $75K and a Hug from Anthony Davis!


Updated: 11:06 PM, Mon November 20, 2023

The Los Angeles Lakers game on Monday night turned into an unforgettable experience for one lucky fan. Not only did he hit an incredible half-court shot, winning a whopping $75,000, but he also received a warm embrace from Lakers superstar, Anthony Davis!

The thrilling moment unfolded at Arena during a break in the game against the Indiana Pacers. L.A. officials invited a fan wearing a black Lakers-fitted cap to take a shot at the $75K cash prize. With one dribble and a running start, the fan launched the basketball towards the hoop, and to everyone’s amazement, it swished through the net effortlessly.

In a fit of excitement, the fan couldn’t contain his joy and broke out into a celebratory dance, reminiscent of football star Justin Jefferson’s signature move, The Griddy. He energetically performed the dance all over the court, even high-fiving fans sitting courtside.

But the real highlight of the moment came when Anthony Davis, the Lakers’ towering forward, joined in on the celebration. AD, clearly thrilled for the lucky fan, wrapped his arms around him near center court, adding an extra touch of elation to an already incredible moment.

However, despite the fan’s extraordinary shot and the subsequent jubilation, the rest of the game didn’t go as planned for the Lakers and their passionate supporters. Despite having a commanding 17-point lead, the Lakers ended up losing the game to the Pacers, with a final score of 116-115.

Nevertheless, the fan’s incredible half-court shot and the $75,000 prize surely helped soften the blow of the Lakers’ defeat. With such a substantial cash windfall, we can confidently say that the loss stings a little less.

Sports fans everywhere can’t help but marvel at these rare moments that occur during live games, and this Lakers fan will undoubtedly cherish the memory of hitting that epic shot for the rest of his life.

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Ishan Joshi
Ishan Joshi
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