Crypto Analyst Dave the Wave Predicts BTC Rise Through 2024 Amidst Growing Concerns


Updated: 11:31 PM, Sun November 19, 2023

Crypto Analyst Dave the Wave predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will experience a rise through 2024 despite growing concerns in the market. Dave the Wave, who accurately predicted the crypto crash in 2021, has a strong track record of making accurate predictions about the markets. According to the analyst, BTC will continue to rise because the weekly momentum remains strong, and the price of Bitcoin is finding buyers at $36,500 and remaining relatively stable.

Dave the Wave is not concerned about short-term fluctuations and investor anxiety. He bases his bold prediction on the graph of logarithmic growth channels (LGC), which aims to predict the peak and bottom points of the market cycle. The lower band of LGC, referred to as the buy zone for long-term Bitcoin holders, has accurately marked the price since the end of 2022. This supports the analyst’s belief that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise in the long term.

In his analysis, Dave the Wave acknowledges that short-term fluctuations are always difficult to predict. However, he highlights that while the daily momentum has decreased, the weekly BTC momentum is still on the rise. He believes that, technically, as long as the price remains in the LGC buy zone, there is potential for a move towards higher levels for long-term investors.

The mysterious analyst suggests that bulls can confidently aim for new highs as the MACD indicator signals an uptrend. He also states that Bitcoin is potentially on a sustainable path towards all-time highs. Looking at the monthly chart, Dave the Wave sees potential for the price to reach the ATH (all-time high) region within just one month.

Despite these positive predictions, Dave the Wave expresses caution and expects a steady and slow rise rather than a rapid rally. It is important to note that while the analyst has been accurate in the past, no one can predict the future with 100% certainty. As with any investment, caution and thorough analysis are recommended.

Overall, Dave the Wave’s predictions provide insight and generate interest in the future movement of Bitcoin. Investors and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency market will be closely monitoring these developments and looking for opportunities in the coming years.

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